Walking the long, long Apple Store Fifth Avenue iPad 2 line; nearly 1,200 strong (with video)

Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune, “An hour after this was shot in NYC, the queue had swelled to nearly 1,200 people.”

P.E.D reports, “By the time the doors of the big glass cube opened, Gene Munster’s team at Piper Jaffray had counted 1,190 heads.”

MacDailyNews Take: Make that Gene “Don’t Expect Long iPad 2 Lines” Munster. Enjoy your new nickname, Gene!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. That is an excellent observation. One of the unfortunate Fandroid types, in a desperate attempt to say something negative in an Engadget post, could only remark on the “homogeneous” appearance of buyers in line at one store. As if to imply that iPad owners are all cut from the same cloth. This long line can only terrify the competition, for it, as you note, is a cross section of age, gender and enthnic background. It is of course a self-selecting group — those willing to wait for hours for an iPad 2 — but it says a lot about why, for now at least, the wannabe-device makers are completely screwed.

  1. Apple and the iPad 2 are winning the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere. If this sort of publicity can’t boost Apple’s share price, then nothing can.

    It was funny that Gene Munster said there’d be no lines. I don’t even know why these analysts make such risky statements to merely prove they don’t know anything about human nature. How can so many so-called experts be clueless about Apple and their loyal customer base.

    1. In the streets of Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Tunisia and many more in the Middle East, people are having a revolution and the ruling classes are having nightmares. But on the day iPad 2s come out in the stores, there is another kind of revolution. People are loving the iPads and the competition are having endless nightmares.

  2. Didn’t expect to see THAT! lol. omg!

    Most of the people’s expressions in the line made it seem like the camera guy was wearing a poop mustache, or something.

  3. Crazy! Just when you think the line ended, the worker would point down the block! Amazing how well behaved they were, even without barriers, they didn’t block storefronts or anything. In China, lineups almost never work, people just mob the doors and counter, and push, push, push. I can’t wait to see the iPad2 lines in China.

  4. Now thats a long line.. and the guy with the paperback book, he needs an iPad, good thing he’s in line.

    Imagine the Security guards at the Chase bank? 1200+ people standing in front of your bank.

  5. It warms the cockles of my heart to see such affirmation of Apple’s ability to create delight in the hearts and minds of consumers to brave long lines just to get their hands on the iPad 2.

    Apple will blow away all analysts’ expectations of units sold.

  6. Critics say iPad will never sell!

    On the introduction of iPad 1-the tech writers:

    ““An utter disappointment and abysmal failure” (Orange County Design Blog). “Consumers seem genuinely baffled by why they might need it” (Businessweek). “Insanely great it is not” (MarketWatch). “My god, am I underwhelmed” (Gizmodo).””

    Appeal of iPad 2 Is a Matter of Emotions
    Published: March 9, 2011 NY Times

  7. MDN says for Gene to enjoy his new nickname, “Don’t Expect Long iPad 2 Lines”…, but has anyone asked what Gene considers “LONG LINES”? I mean that line looked plenty long to me, but it is all semantics. Look at our politicians, they use to throw around millions with the occasional “gasp” billions regarding the cost of federal programs and budgets. Now they speak of billions with the occasional “choke” trillions, without batting an eye’s concern for the taxpayer! So you see, Gene can still look at this and say “Pbft… You call that a line?!” Heck he may even call it an old Confederate Army trick, where the Rebs outmanned 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 in some battles, would march the same men in a clearing over and over as they would circle around under the cover of the forrest to make their force look more formidable! Yeah, that’s it Gene, ‘a Reb trick!’.

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