Original Apple iPad vs. iPad 2 browser shootout (with video)

The iPhone Blog has conducted a simple side-by-side Mobile Safari test of Apple’s original iPad vs. the new iPad 2:

MacDailyNews Note: iPad 2 has 512MB RAM vs. the original’s 256MB RAM.


  1. Thankfully the normal user doesn’t open 9 tabs when surfing. Seems to me the 1st version still works pretty well. Having the extra HP is nice but not necessary. Apple should be able to completely sell off its version 1 inventory with out any problems. Another fine example of damn fine business 101.

    1. Your first sentence is just flat out stupid. For the millions of us who aren’t lucky enough to be offered true broadband, our lack of speed and dependable connectivity forces us to use numerous open tabs to work as efficiently as possible. My “broadband” is no better than ISDN speeds- and my only other choice is dialup!. Think before you comment…

  2. crap, this just sold me on the iPad 2.

    My one consistent gripe abut my iPad is safari page reloading.

    [insert complaint about “would it have been so hard to have 512 in iPad 1?” here]

  3. hey, the iPad 2 has been out for hours now. How come there’s no “-gate” scandal yet, along with blogger demands for a recall? Let’s get moving blogosphere!

  4. That video was TERRIBLY annoying. It was about 5 times too long to demonstrate his point. He didn’t need to click EVERY tab to prove his point; a couple would have sufficed. Scrolling, tapping, more scrolling, tons more scrolling. Just annoying. He didn’t even run a speed test on each device to see which loaded quicker. Then of course there’s the question of whether the old iPad had iOS 4.3 installed. Mostly a waste. Should have gotten a lot more out of 2:56.

    1. he could have done it with 2-3 pages and made the point, but the reason he did it with 9… is to prove how much the iPad 2 can handle. If he did 2-3 pages, some Apple hater blog would start saying that if you open up more than 3 pages in safari, the iPad 2 will start choking on them. He showed 9 tabs, you cant dispute his point by saying he didnt do enough to prove the iPad 2 can handle more than the iPad 1.
      with video editing, anyone can make a 30 second clip “proving” that the iPad 2 gets beat by the sheer power of the Cassiopeia E-200.
      The scrolling and switching to EACH tab… made me drool.
      He tried to get Checkerboards…. nothing.

  5. I would just emphasize that the new Nitro version of Safari is fantastic. It renders much, much faster both on my original iPad and iPhone4. This should get far more notice. Really makes a quick browser, quicker.

    1. you’re right the nitro engine in IOS 4.3 is a more compelling argument for better rendering than the jump to 512M of Ram. Apple is genuis. Just bought 5 IPad1’s WIFI 16G at a great price to give away to family and friends. The addition of IOS 4.3 makes the IPad1 on par with IPad2 functionally. I did pick up a couple IPAd2’s WIFI 16G for myself though.

  6. Its just a big iPhone, and it can’t even make phone calls!! Waaaah!!! Haha this video makes me want to upgrade my iPad v1 to the new v2 even more; the various iPad v1 Safari problems illustrated here drive me batty. Yes I often have 9 windows open and switch between them.

    1. MarkyMark7 – The iPads are NOT a big iPhone, they are tablet devices and Apple owns about 80% or more of the market (double check the numbers). I’m not an Apple “fanboy” or a MS “fanboy” and to be honest I don’t give a sewer rat’s exit hole about which company is on top. I spend my money on the gadgets that I feel have utility and usefulness. Also, you can do phone calls on the iPhone……have you ever heard of Skype or Google Voice? If you haven’t, go check them out……you’ll be happy you did son…….Brooklyn’s Finest signing out!

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