Analyst: Sales of iPad 2 could hit 1 million units in first weekend

“Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities said in a note to investors on Friday that he ‘would not be surprised’ if sales of the iPad 2 reach 1 million over the weekend. That would easily best last year’s sales of 1 million in just 28 days,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

Hughes reports, “White said the sales pace will also likely continue into the coming weeks, as Apple plans to launch the iPad 2 in 26 more countries on March 25. Friday’s 5 p.m. sales start applies to the U.S. only. He noted signs of strong demand already, with online orders not shipping for 2 or 3 weeks, and lines forming at stores around the country.”

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      1. But Micro$ucks didn’t even develop the Kinect. They bought a company that had already developed it and then slapped their sticker on it and sold it as if it was their own genius product.

        The reason why they sold 10 million of them was because they didn’t develop it.

  1. Sales could easily hit 2 million if the units are out there. Best Buy sold a TON of them and still has a TON more. I can’t believe how many people are still on line waiting to buy one an hour after they have been on sale. Saying it’s going to be huge is an understatement!

  2. The only way sales can hit two million is if Apple can actually make two million. Recent stories indicate that they had some production ramp-up issues, which is why online pre-ordering wasn’t allowed.

    1. Not really, they could “sell” more than they have produced. The sale would be this weekend, not the production and delivery. Like the Galaxey Tab in reverse.

  3. “with online orders not shipping for 2 or 3 weeks”

    ONLY those that were too slow to order 😛
    Mine still scheduled to be here Friday. (Crosses Fingers)

    I drove past a Verizon and AT&T store this afternoon. AT&T has a sign up on the door saying they have a limited supply of 32GB only versions.
    Verizon, has a “Sorry we dont have any iPad 2’s” sign…

    Apple and BestBuy seem to be the only places with any quantity.

    I want to see the number sold, and breakdown of color. and the 3G versions.

  4. “Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities….”

    Sure glad we have these brilliant analysts to let us know how things will go. Myself, I was mistakenly anticipating sales of maybe a few thousand. Good he set me straight on that!

    1. 18 models and then add in the cases and color combinations ….. Apple has a huge hit on their hands …..

      Imagine the personal touch with the color combinations will explode sales …..

      “Oh look, isn’t it so cute, I want mine to be the white with red leather, what do you think Angie?”

      Angie: “I’m getting the blue one, isn’t it cute, hehehe!”

      Yep, Apple gonna sell a ton and watch their margins nick up with the added case sale …..

  5. Waited 2 1/2 hours to get my 32GB WI FI at Best Buy. White iPads sold out early. Apple will make billions with the smart covers. $70 for a 9.5″x7.5″ cover? WOW! Everybody was buying them. Glad I have some Apple stock.

  6. “‘would not be surprised’ if sales of the iPad 2 reach 1 million over the weekend. That would easily best last year’s sales of 1 million in just 28 days,”…

    1 million in three days best 1 million in 28 days… Hmmm, imagine that, reaching one mil in three days is better than 28.

    Well somebody has to say it…

    “Duh, WINNING!”

  7. I don’t know about 1 million. I’ll say half that because I don’t know if Apple made enough. Maybe 600K if that.

    I initially thought 1 million possible until I waited in line at the Pasadena Apple store today and most of us were turned away after learning that they only had one model: black 64 GB iPad 2 for verizon. and only a few.

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