Long queues for iPad 2 reach hundreds

“Lineups for the iPad 2 have shown a return to form after the near-absent Verizon iPhone queues,” Electronista reports.

“The lineup at the 5th Avenue store, usually the longest in the US, is believed to have grown to over 1,000 people,” Electronista reports. “Nearby, the SoHo store’s line wrapped around the corner and extended to at least Houston Street.”

Electronista reports, “Apple declined to allow pre-orders and thus guaranteed large queues from early adopters. It also timed the launch for 5PM on a Friday and made it much easier for workers to get time off.”

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  1. There were a coupl of hundred people in line at New Jerseys Short Hills Mall at 5:00. The que started inside, wrapped around by the Apple Store exited the mall and extended down the sidewalk beyond the parking garage.

    I expected the iPad 2 to do well, but I didn’t expect crowds this big in view of the number of outlets the iPad is available in — even WalMart.

    I have photos if you send an email address.

    1. At the main San Francisco Apple Store (which is at a highly visible street corner), from the entrance, the line first extends one block (on Stockton). Then it makes a left turn and extends one block (on O’Farrell). Then it makes left turn and extends one block (on Powell with the Cable Cars rolling by). Then it makes a left turn and extends one block (on Ellis) back to the corner with the Apple Store. At 5pm, the line started and ended at the Apple Store, going completely around one whole city block. There were blue-shirted Apple Store staff about every fifty feet, keeping order.

      Quite a sight. I did not expect a line beyond that first block. I figured I could get into the store if I came back at around 6pm, and play with the new iPad. I was SO wrong. I just walked along the whole line and took pictures. If I got in line, I figure I would still be waiting when the store closed.

  2. I just got off the phone with the Electronics department at Target. They have them and at this time there is only one person in line. Not quite the same experience as the Apple store but…it all rings up the same and less pushing.

  3. Apple learned its lesson.

    No preorders = no lines at stores.

    No lines at stores = no word of mouth advertising.

    Therefore, cancel all preorders!

    I doubt that we’ll ever see preorders again for any future Apple products. You can take my word to the bank on that one!

    1. Actually, you are incorrect.

      Several stories from the past weeks reported of issues regarding production ramp-up. The decision to disallow pre-orders (and thus seriously deplete the inventory for physical stores) was so that there would be enough to meet the physical demand. If you have only so many units of your products to sell, you will first fill the brick-and-mortar retail channel, before taking mail-phone-online orders.

      There is absolutely no need for Apple to beef up the advertising by artificially forcing their customers to wait in line. They never did this before, and I”m sure they won’t do it in the future if they can help it. This was a production ramp-up problem and nothing more.

  4. In my town, Worst Buy had the most people, 30 or more about an hour before launch. WiFi only, no accessories.
    AT&T Had zero in stock. Walmart had 10 all WiFi. Target had all WiFi not sure, they didn’t tell me how many in stock, and no accessories. I really wanted a 3G so the only place left was Verizon, I got the last one, 3G White 64GB
    Lot’s of unhappy people made appointments that didn’t get one. They had maybe 15.

  5. Clarendon, VA Apple Store was sold out of the model I wanted (black, 64 GB, AT&T) in less than 15 mins. Best Buy Columbia Heights (DC) had a line, but each customer had a ticket and all they received were accounted for. There was also a line of standby people waiting for the Best Buy customers to have declined credit cards! Target was sold out too, but they reportedly only received five total.

  6. Jacksonville Fl. Big Line. I counted 450 at 5:00 and the line didn’t decrease until 7:30. AT&T 3G all models sold out here. Best Buy and Target sold out in my area. Trying to send pic but it’s slow.

  7. I tried to save 5% buying at Target. The line at 5pm was 20+. Target had only 5-8. I heard that the area best buys had long lines and short supply.

    I suspect Apple sold all they had on sale (if not, let me know so I can buy one!-)

  8. 300+ at the Houston Galleria Apple store and I was #6 in line and first out the door. I was a rock star for 1 minute! I’m typing this on it now. What a great device and I love the improvements!

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