RUMOR: iPhone 5 engineering drawings posted online; show 4-inch edge-to-edge display

“Talk of the iPhone 5 getting an edge-to-edge display was reinforced Friday with a second sighting,” Electronista reports.

“Purported engineering drawings show a design very similar to the iPhone 4 but with a considerably larger (widely presumed to be four-inch) LCD. iDealsChina’s images still show the controversial steel antenna band, but no gaps,” Electronista reports. “The sample would be used by case makers as a template for the dimensions they need.”

Electronista reports, “Its accuracy isn’t completely known. The earlier part photo, if accurate, would support it, but it also comes from the same source.

Read more, and see the images, in the full article here.


    1. Agree, but, most probably, this is just made-up nonsense marketing stunt to draw attention to certain media — and, hence, generate page hits and receive money.

  1. Not gonna happen. Apple wouldn’t change screen dimensions at the expense of all developers having to redesign their apps to the new standard dimensions (unless they are easily scalable as was the case with retina). If it wouldn’t be easily scalable, it won’t happen. And I don’t think Apple would sacrifice the current beautiful retina display by stretching out pixels to keep the same number of them in the new dimensions.

  2. That doesn’t look new. It looks like the original iPhone. I’m a little confused.
    I wish it (wish) to be top edge to bottom edge with no buttons at all.

    1. Elaminating buttons wouldn’t matter in this case, since they are talking about enlarging the actual display. When you enlarge the display you have two options: 1) add more pixels and screw up every app design out there, or 2) stretch current pixels and make it look less sharp/pretty.

      Neither sounds like an option to me that Apple would be willing to take.

      1. oh. I didn’t mean- would a bigger screen work if the buttons were eliminated?
        forget the screen. this article still shows buttons, but what do you think of the possibility of iPhone 5 having no buttons (same screen)?

        1. I wouldn’t mind it, I just hope the overall design stays balanced at top as on bottom as is currently. I don’t want a fat iPhone that doesn’t have the button on bottom but still keeps the top black bar, similar in design to the ugly fat iPod nano from a whole ago.

  3. My guess would be 4″ 1024 x 768 retina display. Older apps that hadn’t been updated would just run with a small black boarder around them and would be the almost the same size as they would appear on a 3.5″ retina display, boom problem solved. Paving the way for unity between iPhone and iPad and perhaps a 7″ iPad 3 in time for the holidays?

    1. That wouldn’t make sense because iPad-type apps won’t work on a screen that small. Your fingers would be way too large to manipulate them effectively, as Jobs has openly said. Unless of course he plans to ship iFingerSandpaper to prepare your fingers for it. 🙂

  4. They are *not* changing the resolution from the current Retina Display res of 960×640 (or whatever it actually is). If they go to a slightly bigger screen, then they’re going to sacrifice DPI to achieve it, but this strikes me as pretty unlikely, since the iPhone5’s screen, while slightly larger, would look less sharp than the iPhone4.

  5. Big vs. sharp. I’ll take big any day. I think looking at a bigger screen without squinting has its payoff. Some text on websites is rendered so tiny on a 3.5″ screen as to be well nigh unreadable. Big’s always better in my opinion

  6. Edge to edge display would make it tough to put it in a case, including Apple’s bumper, and still be able to touch the edges of the screen. Some heavy duty cases make it difficult even with the current iPhone (makes it tough to move icons to another screen).

  7. It’s aBout time apple got with a bigger display. Who cares if it’s not quite as sharp. Take an iPhone and ut it up beside a 4″screen android or other phone and see the huge difference it makes.
    Then 4.3 makes even bigger difference.

    There is the trend to go towards bigger screens. It’s time apple left the 3.5 in the dust.

  8. I like the current size because it fits into my pocket nicely. Any larger would be too large. The reason the competition makes their phones larger is because they can’t miniaturize as expertly as Apple. The larger screen is just an excuse to have more volume.

    And I don’t believe this “edge-to-edge” rumor, because Apple understands that there needs to be a top and bottom border, so that the user has “handles” when gripping the phone horizontally (especially with one hand). Otherwise, the thumb is touching and blocking the screen area. When holding the phone vertically, the sides are used so no border area is needed.

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