Drawbacks of Apple’s iPad 2 that Mossberg missed

“Doggone that Walt Mossberg! His recent piece on drawbacks of the iPad was supposed to put to rest his supposed reputation for bias toward Apple products by pointing out the places where the device has been left vulnerable to honest criticism,” CouchGuy blogs.

“Unfortunately, he seems to have missed a number of things that make the iPad 2 a less-than-ideal device,” CouchGuy writes. “Your CouchGuy, however, is not afraid to speak truth to power.”

Disappointing Movie Performance: First of all, it doesn’t even come with any movies! Not even one little Hollywood blockbuster! Pop open your new iPad and there’s nothing to watch!
• Inconvenient touchscreen: The iPad screen still requires you to touch it to make it work. It is not just a matter of failing to eliminate those messy finger marks that appear on the iPad screen. The iPad 2 still puts wear and tear on your fingertips from all those touches.
• Not an outstanding value: Here’s the unkindest cut of all. The iPad 2 costs money! Yes, if you want it, you’ll have to buy one. (Well, not Mossberg, probably. Maybe that’s why he was so easy on it.)

Full article with even more ways that iPad 2 falls short of perfection here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Walt, you’re now being openly ridiculed.

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  1. Darn it, I was expecting my iPad2 for free. Now I have to find some money to pay for it. What the hell was Steve Jobs thinking? I can not afford both the smart cover and and IPad2

  2. That was fun! Really fun.

    It is only that way that we can notice the level of imbecility or bias, intentional or not, that some of us can easily reach some times.


  3. Wait…!! I though they’re were gonna install it inside my head so all i’d have to do is think what I wanted it to do.?1?!?

    Freakin’ Apple!

    Well I guess I’ll have to settle for loving they’re products…though I was really hoping i’d be able to MAKE LOVE to one of them finally.

  4. I’m holding out for the auto-levitating iPad with vision control. I heard a rumor from a Taiwanese manufacturer of some electronic stuff that it’s coming out in time for back-to-school.

  5. … havin a GUUD tahm! You all know … know … that these problems are real, if truly inconsequential, so what’s your beef? It’s also fairly obvious that he considers these problems to be inconsequential – the sort Apple should work on next time around rather than the kind where the competition did it better. The iPad 2 has stepped to the head of the pack, even ahead of the original, but it isn’t perfect. It could have been better. If you go shopping expecting “perfect” you might be disappointed while if you are only seeking “the best” you should be thrilled.
    What … you want Walt to write “The iPod 2’s the best” 240 times then collect his paycheck? How would YOUR boss respond to that?

    1. Real if inconsequential?

      If they were inconsequential, they’re not worth noting as drawbacks.

      More importantly, are they real? No Flash: well, Flash doesn’t exist for this size/form factor yet.

      No LTE: well, nobody has LTE yet, but Motorola promises you can have it Real Soon Now. No word yet on how many minutes of battery life you get with it turned on.

      Battery life is only marginally better than what Apple claims! What a major drawback!

      Seriously, man, Walt jumped the shark on this one. There’s no defense.

    2. I see your point. it would be like MTV presenting itself as channel that played non-stop music videos and played only crap reality shows all day and night. why would we expect them to play music videos

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