Apple StoreCalling it a “revolutionary product,” The Wall Street Journal’s Walter S. Mossberg says of Apple’s new US$69 Magic Mouse, “It’s the first mouse I’ve seen whose entire surface acts like a laptop trackpad, and allows fingertip multitouch gestures for scrolling and flipping through lists, photos and Web pages on the screen, while still performing traditional cursor movements and clicking. This mouse comes with the new iMac and will be usable on most other Macs as well, once Apple offers a software update for them. It worked well for me.”

As for Apple’s new iMacs and MacBook, Mossberg reports, “I’ve been testing these new computers for a few days, and I can recommend both… The new iMacs have spectacular screens that are larger and sport much higher resolutions than those on their predecessors. They also add more memory capacity, bigger hard disks and faster processors… The new $999, 13″ MacBook now includes most of the key features of the similar-sized MacBook Pro, which costs $200 more. These include a large multitouch trackpad, significantly enhanced battery life, and a brighter screen. Despite its lower price, the lowly MacBook comes with a 56% larger hard disk (250 gigabytes versus 160) than the Pro model.”

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: In the full “review,” Mossberg seems hell-bent on fabricating a Microsoft revival of sorts – whether it’s warranted or not (it isn’t). This is the first new Mac review of Mossberg’s that we can remember which fails to mention Mac OS X or Mac-only software advantages (iLife, for example) and, not only that, but Mossberg feels compelled to tack on this conclusion: “These new models now round out a full line of refreshed Macs, but they will face stiff new competition from a horde of PCs running the new and better version of Windows.”

Oh, did we mention, that Mossberg opened his review of three new Apple products with, “This is the week when Microsoft finally starts selling Windows 7, its much-improved successor to the disappointing Vista version of Windows. PC makers, who have suffered from Vista’s poor reputation, will begin touting models that come with Windows 7, which I praised in a detailed review earlier this month.”

Detailed bullshit is still bullshit, Walt.

Also, in the midst of his Apple product review, Mossberg also threw in this helpful talking point: “Though both new Macs sport important improvements, they are evolutionary, not revolutionary, and neither follows the industry trend toward bargain-basement prices. The MacBook is still $999, and the iMac still starts at $1,199, though the company is giving users more power and features at those same price points. You can pay much less for laptops and desktops from competitors like Dell and Hewlett-Packard.”

The PC industry trend is helplessly watchin Apple’s Mac sales growth lap them repeatedly, Walt. (Please see: Windows PC box assemblers’ margins squeezed as Apple rakes in stellar profits – October 21, 2009.) Hey, do you intend for your reviews to come off like you’re working for the PR departments of Microsoft, Dell and HP? If so, good job. If not, maybe you should have someone sane vet them before they’re published.

Do you think MacBooks and/or iMacs are overpriced for what they offer, Walt? If so, come out and say it. Leave out the Dell and HP ads if you value your credibility.

We fear that Mossberg has finally lost his shit. Lately, he seems to totally forget that Windows 7 still has its crappy Registry, still rots over time, still quaintly requires defragging, still faces huge malware threats, etc. Ignoring Windows’ crumbling foundation while overly praising its new paint job doesn’t mean that you’re being fair and balanced, Walt.

Mossberg seems out of it; maybe not thinking as clearly as he usually does. Or maybe Jobs told him to get lost when Walt asked for a tablet prototype to test three months early? Whatever the problem is, either snap out of it, Walt, or pass the baton entirely to Katie lest you savage your good reputation. Based on your most recent work, Walt, Boca’s calling loudly.

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