Pogue reviews Apple iPad 2: Thinner, lighter, and faster transforms the experience

“On paper, Apple didn’t do much. It just made the iPad one-third thinner, 15 percent lighter and twice as fast. There are no new features except two cameras and a gyroscope. I mean, yawn, right?” David Pogue writes for The New York Times. “And then you start playing with it.”

“My friends, I’m telling you: just that much improvement in thinness, weight and speed transforms the experience,” Pogue reports. “The iPad 2 is now 0.34 inches thick. Next to it, the brand-new Motorola Xoom — the best Android competitor so far — looks obese. Yet somehow, the new iPad still gets 10 hours of battery life on a charge.”

Pogue writes, “Now, the coming months will bring a blizzard of tablets that are meant to compete with the iPad… But you know what? The iPad will still dominate the market, because it dominates in all the most important criteria: thinness, weight, integration, beauty — and apps.”

Read more in the full review here.

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