Baig reviews Apple iPad 2: Second to none

“The headline additions to iPad 2 are front- and rear-facing cameras, the absence of which was my biggest disappointment with version one,” Edward C. Baig reports for USA Today. “Now you can plunge into FaceTime, Apple’s nifty video chat program previously available only on the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and some Macintosh computers. With a brand new Apple A5 dual-core processor, the iPad 2 is snappier, too, though it’s not as if the first-generation model was a laggard. Apple claims the graphics in the new machine have nine times the horsepower of the original. That’s difficult to measure, but Epic Citadel, a stunning, graphics-rich game, played smoothly in my tests.”

“Apple sells a $39 accessory that lets you plug the iPad into an HDTV with an HDMI cable. You can then ‘mirror’ whatever is on the iPad display on the larger TV screen,” Baig reports. “Though I wish I had a longer HDMI cable — you supply your own — I used the iPad 2 to browse, read e-mail, play EA’s Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and watch the movie 127 Hours on an HDTV. Everything rendered properly on the TV screen.”

Baig concludes, “When it comes to the ever-evolving state of the art, iPad 2 is second to none.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I don’t get this “HDMI cable” thing. For $60 more you get an Apple TV and you can stream from any computer/iPad/iPhone to your TV. Why bother with this cable? Can someone please explain that to me?

    1. You’re not going to take an Apple TV with you if you use your iPad for a presentation. Or in a classroom. There may not even be a wireless network at that location, but you can always plug in an HDMI cable. And it DOES cost “$60 more.” And with the Apple TV using AirPlay, it is NOT “what you seen on the iPad screen is what you seen on the HDTV”; AirPlay just streams video. And if the wireless network happens to be less than 802.11n, AirPlay may not work so well. And…

    2. this. Is WAY better than atv. For education and Buisness needs you can stream exactly what is on your iPad, and for gaming, just think about seeing all that goodness on the screen and using the iPad as a controller. Watch out ps3, xbox, etc.

  2. Weak review: Baig does not even know the difference between usual TN matrix (Xoom) and IPS (iPad/iPad 2). He also has no idea what it means to have all of screen layers glued together to fight parasitic refraction (only iPad/iPad 2).

    1. Also, what is with idea of testing battery life with maxed-out brightness?

      I mean I had to set brightness to very low levels on original iPad, or else it was making me blind (screen would become much brighter than surrounding, what is unhealthy for eyes).

      If Baig meant to measure battery life in condition of using it under sun light, then it is still pointless since contrast is not good enough for that 8.5 hours use even with maximum brightness set. It is not realistic scenario at all; pointless.

        1. @Your Mom

          STOP IT, DAMMIT! You almost near made me blow my coffee all over the screen of my lovely but soon-to-be-replaced iPad. But at least I can report that I have needed glasses since the second grade, which is sorta like going blind…

          1. Reminds me of the old joke: “Well then, can I do it until I need glasses?”

            Took me 51 years, but finally did it enough to need glasses. Just to read newsprint, but still…

  3. If you want the longest “cable”, instead by a 39 dollars adaptor, buy an Apple TV and AirPlay everything from your iPad2. Imagine playing game that way.

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