Start lining up now: Original iPad trade-ins indicate massive iPad 2 demand

Apple’s revolutionary iPad 2 looks like “a must-have update for millions of people,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

MacDailyNews Take: Look to the left, our poll screams “iPad 2 demand is off-the-charts!”

Brownlee continues, “It’s the Apple magic at work, and look no further than the massive volume of original trade-ins that reCommerce companies like Gazelle, eBay and NextWorth are experiencing for proof that the iPad 2 is going to sell like gang busters. Gazelle, for example, has been swamped with trade-in requests since the iPad’s announcement. In fact, they’ve already paid out over a million dollars to consumers looking to cash-in their iPad and replace it with the iPad 2.”

“Historically, trade-in rates are accurate predictors of a gadget’s sales, and so far, iPad trade-ins are exceeding all expectations of even the experts,” Brownlee reports. “If you think everyone and their mother isn’t going to be trying to get their hands on an iPad 2 come next Friday, you’re crazy.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Arline M.,” “James W.,” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. My whole family is getting one now, not just me.

      But we will order online instead of wait in line. Wish we could preorder earlier than same day as retail though…
      I’m going to be at the computer screen all morning if I have to just to get all our orders in.

      1. Don’t understand why Apple has decided to not offer pre ordering? Seems it would be logical to open up the ordering early given the building demand. Now, telephone, on-line ordering channels are going to be jamming on the 11th onward.

        1. After the “perceived” lackluster launch day of Verizon’s iPhone 4, I am sure Apple wants the whole world to see people lining up around the block to buy an iPad 2! Although, presales could just be a casuality of Apple wanting to get it out in people’s hands as early as possible. If the launch date was set in April like iPad 1 then I would assume a presage would have been present, especially since they already had the media event announcing the device.

    1. I put my 64Gb iPad w/ Apple case and Moshi iVisor AG screen protector (including all retail boxes, instructions, charger, cable & microfiber cloth) on eBay last night. Set starting bid at $400, offered BUY IT NOW for $550. It was sold via BUY IT NOW within 2 mins. Boxed it up and shipped it this morning.

      I am now iPad-less for the next week +. Not sure I’m going to be able to sit in a line all day, might have to do online this time.

  1. I might get one of those “less than one-year-old” iPads. I bought my used iPhone from Gazelle; they seemed like a competent outfit. If there’s a glut, prices will be lower, although $349 for an Apple-certified refurb (“clean” with one-year warranty) is already pretty low. The going price for “used” will have to start at no higher than $249 (for the low-end model) to make it a great deal.

    1. I was thinking the same thing ken1w… Then I realized that they won’t be making the original iPad anymore, so the refurb market will dry up very quickly… Then my original gently used iPad will be worth in the neighborhood of $350 too…

  2. On Wednesday, I returned the iPad I purchased 13 days prior (you have 14 days) to the announcement. I almost got stuck with last years iPad.

    BestBuy doesn’t charge restocking fees, but Apple Stores do. They also have cheaper extended warranties and a buy back program, if you are into those kind of things. Honestly, BestBuy seems to be the best place to buy Apple products, though it’s hard to beat Apples stores when it comes to in-warranty repairs and product selection.

    BestBuy is also a great for one of my hobbies, comparing how much spec and quality I can get in a windows computer for the same price of a Mac. Hint: it never turns out good for the windows computers.

    1. Seeing as the remaining stock of original iPads has been discounted, you got $11 more than new retail for a used unit. And the price you got was only $89 less than your retail purchase price last year.

      I wouldn’t mind leasing an iPad for less than $100 per year…

  3. I got my iPad autographed by William Gibson at a book signing a few months ago. Hopefully, that’ll set it apart from all the others on eBay! Although I’m kind of torn on selling it vs. keeping it.

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