Verizon Wireless to drop unlimited iPhone data plans as soon as this summer

“Verizon Communications Inc. will stop offering unlimited data plans on the Apple Inc. iPhone as soon as this summer, Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said,” Greg Bensinger reports for Bloomberg.

“The carrier, which began selling the iPhone last month, now offers a $30 unlimited data plan on the device,” Bensinger reports. “Such plans on the handset are ‘not a long-term solution,’ Shammo said.”

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    1. worse actually
      ever dealt with there customer service, they lie right to your face, plan prices, macintosh compatibility, anything to make you sign a contract.

    1. DOn’t be dense, they aren’t doing it to make it cheaper for you, they are doing it to nickle and dime you for MORE.

      It’s the Verizon MO, has been, will always be. E

      Enjoy Lemmings…

  1. The remaining open question is whether Verizon will grandfather those who bought their iPhone between launch and summer.

    It looks like about the only substantial difference between the two carriers will be the network speed (Score one for AT&T) and overall signal coverage (Score one for Verizon).

    1. And the ability to use your phone in any country (score 1 for AT&T), and the ability to use data & phone at the same time (score 1 for AT&T). So that’s 3 points for AT&T, 1 point for Verizon.

      Of course, they both lose all their points for being slimeball bait and switch telco companies.

      1. …”So that’s 3 points for AT&T, 1 point for Verizon.”

        You’re right, of course. I was trying to go easy on MDN, since they were peeing in their pants with excitement in the days leading up to the Verizon announcement. They were positively giddy, so I just didn’t want to completely spoil whatever’s left of their euphoric mood…

        1. EXACTLY!! Right about June when the new iPhone 5 comes out – free upgrade all you gotta do is sign a new contract..GOTCHA SUCKERS!!

          Welcome to Verizon -I’ll stick with the rare dropped call thanks..

  2. Wait…. Where’s the verizon guys posting that verizon is offering unlimited data because AT&T isn’t anymore?
    And didn’t we warn you that verizon would do this?….

    What surprised me… Verizon announced this prior to implementing it.
    Didn’t they cancel the new every two, and gave the people like 2 months to use the credit for a new phone?
    Don’t be surprised to find verizon canceling unlimited data, and saying current users will also be downgraded to 2gb plan.

  3. This is one of the reasons I was not so hyped up about Verizon or any other carrier carrying the iPhone. Same bait and switch and other manipulations to get people to come over to Verizon.

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