What we know about Mac OS X Lion: Official new features and developer preview leaks

“On Apple’s website, the company detailed Lion’s improved support for multi-touch gestures using a trackpad. In addition to more ways to swipe, pinch, zoom, and more, one notable change is that scrolling now works as it does on iOS devices—drag up on the trackpad to scroll down, drag down to scroll up—complete with ‘rubber-band’ effects at the end of scrollable areas,” Chris Foresman reports Ars Technica. “This is in contrast to all previous versions of Mac OS X, where dragging down scrolls up and vice versa.”

“Apple mentioned auto-save and auto-resume features last fall, but didn’t go into much detail about them. Now we know that apps updated for Lion will gain the ability to autosave all documents as changes are made. Documents can be locked to prevent inadvertent changes, and Apple said that documents will be ‘auto-locked’ after two weeks,” Foresman reports. “Lion also includes automatic file versioning, saving the state of a document every hour it is open and allowing you to step back to any previous state in a graphical Time Machine-like experience. You can go back through previous versions to revert to a previous state or copy and paste data from an older version into the current one.”

Read more in the full article, which covers Apple’s official new features and developer preview leaks, here.


    1. Are you saying it only has the 64-bit kernel? Many Macs with 64-bit processors run the 32-bit kernel, while still running 64-bit apps. That’s an important distinction.

        1. OK, “Core Duo” is 32-bit. So I’m guessing the 64-bit requirement is at the “application” level, not the deeper “kernel” level. For the ultra-major release AFTER Lion, it will probably be 64-bit kernel level, cutting out another set of older Intel Macs.

  1. I was worried about the auto save feature since things that are automatic without a way to do it manualy tend to suck (windows does this) but it has an override!! 😀 (lock)

      1. actually text edit already implements /most/ of these features (it doesn’t do versions, and the autosaved documents are saved els ware)
        but it tends to come back up right were you left it (sometimes

  2. I installed the Developer Preview last night and I thought I was doing something wrong or something was wrong with my mouse. Someone at Apple is absolutely retarded if they think Mac users are going to put up with this shite. Scroll down to go up or scroll up to go down. That is so bloody counterintuitive it isn’t funny.

    1. I had to take another look. It didn’t seem at all counterintuitive on the iOS device, but maybe that’s because your touching the screen. How that would function when using a detached track pad… I don’t know how that would feel. Maybe after a little bit it would seem natural. Interesting…

    2. It’s not that it’s counterintuitive, it’s that we’ve been doing it backwards for so long that any change is going to seem weird and confusing. If you want to see more of a page, shouldn’t you just push the page in the direction that you want it to go, like with the iPhone.

      The scrollbar is there to show how much hidden page there is and where you are on the page, we used to control are view by moving the scrollbar, now we’ll control our view of the page by just moving the page itself. The scrollbar will now just show up to show you how much hidden page there is and where you are on the page, like it’s intended to do.

      Yeah, it’ll be a pain re-learning how to scroll and purging what we think it our instinct, but it is actually more intuitive. Think of it from the point of view of someone who’s never used a computer before, they have a page on the screen and a scroll-pad or scroll mouse, they’re going to instinctively just want to scroll/push the page in the direction they want to see the hidden areas of the page.

    3. Hope this isn’t a repeat of the fiasco of the volume control wheel in Quicktime 4 player.

      Mouse/trackpad scroll and touchscreen scroll are two entirely different things. On a Mac, you’re still interacting with programs with scrollbars; unless Mac itself has a touchscreen (something already ruled out as too tiring on the arms), discrete scrolling devices shouldn’t behave as if they’re touchscreen devices.

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    4. Apple IS retarded in many ways. Like taking away lock screen functionality from the physical orientation lock. And what the f*** is it with that retarded iPhone orientation lock that you can’t lock the screen in landscape mode. Totally retarded.

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