One tablet rules them all: Apple’s revolutionary iPad

“It’s an old pattern by now. Phase 1: Apple introduces some new gadget. The bloggers and the industry tell us why it’ll fail. Phase 2: It goes on sale. The public goes nuts for it. Phase 3: Every company and its brother gets to work on a copycat,” David Pogue writes for The New York Times.

“It happened with the iMac and the iPhone. Now the iPad is entering Phase 3,” Pogue writes. “Apple sold 15 million iPads in nine months, so you can bet that 2011 will be the Year of the iPad Clone.”

Pogue writes, “If you’re interested in a tablet, you’d be wise to wait a couple of months. You’ll want to consider whatever Apple has up its sleeve for the iPad’s second coming, of course…”

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  1. The best line in Pogue’s article:

    Does Android want to be Windows when it grows up?

    That says it all. Android may be able to do many things that iOS can do, but it is not elegant or simple to use. For geeks who like to screw around with their machine, it is perfect. For normal folks who want to get things done, Apple is the only way to go.

  2. Almost every review I’ve read on the Xoom complains about crashes. Crashes? What’s that? I own an iPad and it has never crashed. So, the Xoom is prone to crash and that’s without Flash? What is Pogue telling people to wait two months for? The CURRENT iPad rocks the Xoom. Heck, for a couple hundred dollars more, you can get a MacBook Air.

    1. I recently experienced my one and only crash of my iPad, after using it at least a couple of hours per day since 3 April 2010 – the screen went black, and I had to do a hard reboot by holding down the “home” key and “sleep/wake” simultaneously.

      So, one minor hiccup after at least 700 hours of use.

      1. Arnold, only one crash in almost one year of continuous use. Not bad. Hiccup’s the right word. Looks like people who buy the Xoom will be experiencing something more along the lines of indigestion.

        1. Yes, you’re absolutely right. My iPad has been remarkable – one minor glitch in a year of use (and I think I probably use mine more than most) is excellent. It is by far the most reliable computer I have. I still find myself sitting in amazement at what has accomplished with this device.

          I wouldn’t use a Zume if they paid me.

        2. Maybe not indigestion, but some pretty serious cases of cognitive dissonance will show up!

          By the way, my iPad has never crashed. Some apps did. SOme I beta tested, others, like that alpha release called The Daily, crashed all the time.

  3. I just recently read off the DVICE website that the Xoom isn’t shipping with 4G LTE capabilities, either. Once you buy the Xoom, you need to wait 90 days for Moto to implement this feature where you’ll need to physical return the Xoom to Moto for 6 days for them to install the necessary hardware/software then return your Xoom to you. All of this hassle plus a $800 price tag! Never mind the issues with Android. Also, Moto is touting great battery life? Wonder how much of that battery life will be real world with the use of Adobe Flash?
    With iPad 2 a week away, none of the iPad wannabees are ever going to be a real competitor/threat to Apple. And they are a year behind in their developement. Sheesh, MS worked on tablets for a deacade and never gotten it right.
    As SJ said, this first round of the competitors’ tablet devices are going to be D O A!

  4. “Motorola says that later this year, a software upgrade will let the Xoom take advantage of Verizon’s 4G cellular networks…”

    And now we come to find that it’s actually a hardware upgrade that requires the Xoom to be mailed back to Motorola. They said a software update to early reviewers like Pogue and Mossberg so that ugly little tidbit wouldn’t make it into their reviews. How shady.

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