Steve Jobs hides in bushes to spy on Apple Retail Store action

Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac, “We all know that Steve Jobs is obsessed with crafting top-notch customer experiences. Of course, he’s famous for being dismissive of focus groups, but did you know he spies on customers at his local Apple Store?”

Kahney reports, “Better than that, he hides in the bushes outside the store carefully watching what’s going inside, like some black-turtlenecked Jane Goodall.”

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  1. Oh really? The only reason why I hid in bushes is twofold.

    When I was in high school I used to hide in the bushes growing around the house of the girl I fancied in an attempt to peek at her bush. So in an upside down way it was like but not quite like the Laura Bush effect except I was hunched over in the prickly bushes outside while she was waltzing in air-conditioned splendor inside. She revealed just enough to make my wait worthwhile and in a little way sent me on my way to heaven. Not quite the Jobsian heaven I had envisaged for my future but getting along the way there.

    And secondly when I had the urge to pee and at that hour of the evening there weren’t that very many people around and I was on the verge of literally exploding in my pants and couldn’t find a public toilet anywhere that I conveniently deposited the results of my beer drinking binge on the bushes of an unnamed shop which wasn’t Apple because quite simply while they existed they weren’t as prevalent as they are today.

    Thus endeth the parable of my life, Steve Jobs and bushes.

  2. Obama, Putin, Gore, bushes…
    Anyone see a pattern here? (I’m thinking Herringbone and turtle necks)
    Obviously someone got their invite to the royal wedding.

    We’ll soon see what’s in store….

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