Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) to certify Apple iOS for Australian national security

“Apple iPhone and iPad devices running the iOS operating system may soon become officially certified by the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) to connect to the secure Wi-Fi networks operated by the Federal Government,” Luke Hopewell reports for ZDNet Australia.

“John Sheridan, first assistant secretary of AGIMO, responded to questions from a Senate Estimates committee this week, informing senators that the DSD hadn’t yet certified Apple’s mobile operating system for use with private wireless networks that handle material of national security,” Hopewell reports. “The DSD told ZDNet Australia, however, that it is working with Apple to certify the iOS operating system for use on the secure Wi-Fi network operated by the Department of Parliamentary Services. ‘DSD is working closely with Apple to meet future requirements. This work includes moving to enable Australian government to use iOS products in a secure manner,’ the DSD said.”

Hopewell reports, “he certification of the iOS operating system would give other agencies the opportunity to deploy devices and trials of iPhones and iPads for their personnel.”

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  1. Here you go. Another big CRACK in the Microsoft wall. Once one govt. goes secure with Mac, others will strongly consider it. No virus, easy to use, iOS everywhere.

    Just a thought,

    1. Australia has serious defence issues, just as many other countries also have. For example, almost walking distance away at low tide is the world’s largest muslim nation, rife with islamic terrorism including suicide bombings. And, between the two, are believed to be huge reserves of petroleum.

      Australia (along with New Zealand) also gives considerable support, beyond that of others on a per-capita basis, to peace-keeping efforts around the world. Both have troops in Afghanistan for example. Australia also patrols the area that Somali pirates target and they do a great job keeping a lid on those bastards and their expansion efforts.

      Comments about Maoris and Aborigines might be forgiven, given that you are probably in Latvia. (And I love Riga and am a regular visitor there.) Latvia certainly has its own security issues too.

      1. You apparently haven’t spent much time in Indonesia, haven’t you?

        On the issue of pirates, it’s the ships flag state that should protect their ship. Come on Cayman Island, Bahamas, Liberia, etc. do your duty!

  2. Of course seeing as the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard now totes an iPad everywhere, including in Parliament, along with a number of her Ministers, this might have prompted a hurry along in the assessment process.

    1. @DLB – Whoa there DLB Let me fix that for you.

      “Same guys that don’t like you Americans either … though your enemies are not always our enemies.”



      Oh I can just imagine the hoopla if a non American dissed the American military services … who I respect.

      So – While you are taking the piss out of the Maori’s … spare a thought for those who died in the NZ earthquake 2 days ago.
      You do realise that Australians and New Zealanders fought along side Americans in the First and Second World Wars, Vietnam, Korea, the Gulf Wars, Iraq and right now in Afghanistan.

      On a side note “native aborigines” is tautological.

      fuckwit. 😉

      THE ANZAC SPIRIT IS AS STRONG AS EVER! who can Americans truly call their friends? Nothing to do with Zunes!

      (you should actually read this stuff)

      The ANZAC spirit transcends the military.

      The Anzac spirit is sometimes said to be exhibited during Australian civilian crises. For example, the Returned and Services League of Australia states:

      The Spirit of the ANZAC continues today in times of hardship such as cyclones, floods and bush fires. At those times Australians come together to rescue one another, to ease suffering, to provide food and shelter, to look after one another, and to let the victims of these disasters know they are not alone.

      In New Zealand, the Anzac spirit is similarly pointed to in some quarters as forming an important component of New Zealand national identity. The New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Culture and Heritage states:

      – New Zealand soldiers distinguished themselves with their courage and skill, establishing an enduring bond with the Australians they fought alongside … Great suffering was caused to a small country by the loss of so many of its young men. But the Gallipoli campaign showcased attitudes and attributes – bravery, tenacity, practicality, ingenuity, loyalty to King and comrades – that helped New Zealand define itself as a nation, even as it fought unquestioningly on the other side of the world in the name of the British Empire. After Gallipoli, New Zealand had a greater confidence in its distinct identity, and a greater pride in the international contribution it could make. And the mutual respect earned during the fighting formed the basis of the close ties with Australia that continue today.


    2. Unless the guy is a traveller or has an imagination, he is not American. Daugavpils is a town in Latvia, on the Daugava River. Nevertheless, Latvia’s enemies broadly coincide with the enemies of Australia and New Zealand.

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