Clayman: News Corp.’s The Daily free trial will continue for several weeks at least

“News Corp.‘s The Daily launched Feb. 2 with a two-week free trial sponsored by Verizon, ostensibly enough time to give potential subscribers a full taste. But launch glitches that stretched out for a week kept a lot of those potential subscribers from getting a good picture of the News Corp iPad app,” Staci D. Kramer reports for paidContent. “The first update came with extensions—and now Publisher Greg Clayman tells paidContent the free trial extensions will continue for several more weeks, at least.”

Kramer reports, “The endpoint for the extended free trial has yet to be determined but a decision may come this week. (Given that users are still reporting frequent crashes and glitches after the Feb.9 update, they may want to wait for another iteration.) Verizon continues as the trial sponsor.”

Kramer reports, “Once the shakedown period is over, new downloads will come with 14 days free before a subscription is required. The Daily runs 99 cents a week or $39.99 a year.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]


  1. “ostensibly enough time”…. 2 weeks!??
    They must have been joking. You can barley do your laundry in two weeks time, much less you’ll have the time or interest to try out a crapy app.

    “free trial extensions will continue for several more weeks,”

    Several…., I love that word; saying several is a sign of ignorance or a sign that something is failing or both.

    “at least”

    There you gooo!!

  2. I’ve deleted it. The interface wasn’t novel, and the content was subpar. It was like reading USA Today — filled with fluff. The highest production parts were the ads. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Worked great for the fist month. Then, as DJHero states, it started crashing. I might have gone for the yearly thing if it didn’t crash all the time. Now I can’t trust it, so I won’t spend the cash.

  4. I can get everything and way,way more than
    what’s in The Daily on Huffington Post and it’s
    all free. Augmented by the Washington Post on
    Press Reader;The Economist app.;Instapaper;
    Utne,Rolling Stone,Science,Sporting News Today,
    Mother Jones,Macworld on Zinio. Nice try,Murdoch,
    but it’s not in my future. That said, it still might be
    wildly popular because most people are too lazy
    to make an effort to look for news on their own
    and don’t know better than to be force fed views
    espoused by Murdoch.

  5. Two big problems, aside from crashing or content, were a) having to flick everything instead of just scrolling, and b) having to download a whole day at once instead of just the items of interest.

  6. this app sucks! At first, I was diggin it, but now with all the crashes and horribly lagging interface, you would have to be high to pay for this. I considered deleting it when it was free!

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