Oops: Motorola Xoom won’t ship with Adobe Flash support; to be added later

“Verizon in a teaser confirmed that it was shipping the Motorola Xoom on February 24 but also revealed a disappointment for early adopters. In spite of promising Flash during its early teaser video, Motorola won’t have Flash support on the Android 3.0 slate until sometime in the spring,” Electronista reports. “No reason has been given for the setback, although the mobile OS is believed to have been rushed and was considered hands-off for the media until just three weeks ago.”

“Support for Flash on tablets has been a selling point for Android manufacturers, but its implementation has been problematic,” Electronista reports. “Toshiba shipped the Folio 100 without Flash and didn’t bundle it in later on. Advent Vega also had to temporarily pull Flash out. Much of the blame in either case has been blamed on optimization for the dual-core Tegra 2 processor.”

Electronista reports, “The Xoom when it ships will cost $800 off-contract and will require users to pay for one month of Verizon 3G service with activation before having permission to use Wi-Fi. Motorola chief Sanjay Jha has said a Wi-Fi only version is coming and should cost roughly $600, but it won’t be available until sometime later.

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MacDailyNews Take: Adobe Flash is a joke in more ways than one. Soon, over 200+ million iOS devices will have been sold. iOS device owners are proven to have disposable income and, unlike users of pretend iOS devices, the will to spend it. None of the 200+ million iOS devices supports Adobe’s problematic, crash-prone, battery-sapping, archaic Flash. Therefore, no web developer worth anything will be offering Flash-only websites. Selling Flash support as a feature is like touting replaceable typewriter ribbons in 1990 or langer-lasting buggy whips in 1920. Dead technology is not a selling point except to those who do not see where the world is clearly going. The Adobe Flash-support “selling point” only works on fools who can’t see an inch beyond the ends of their noses.

We’re sure the Dell DJ owners will be lining up for Motorola Xooms on February 24 – all three of them.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]

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  1. Flash is to Android as Flash is to iOS, sucking gobs of CPU power and diminishing battery life. But for sure Android is open so you can load whatever crap you want in it to the detriment of battery life. But it’s ok Android buyers never leave their mom’s basement anyway so they’re always within 15′ of a power outlet.

      1. He has. He’s posting from his flat somewhere in the city, on his iPhone, facetiming his mom, while talking about his younger brother who has an android, still living with mommy. I’d call that grown up…

  2. Good strategy.

    1. First release a Flash-free version so all the initial reviews remark how ‘speedy’ the tablet is.

    2. Some time later, release an update for Flash-compatibility. When the speed bogs down, it won’t matter, because not many will read ‘revised’ reviews noting the slowdown.

    First impressions are what count.

    1. I agree, that this is strategic. That way all the reviews will say the Xoom has pretty good battery life, they won’t know that when Flash is available it’ll suck more than 30% of that life out of the Xoom. It’ll be too late for those people, who’ll then rationalize their purchase. One, they’ll deny it’s bad, and two, they’ll say the iPad battery life numbers are fictitious. Now, that’s a RDF.

      As for the story, “Motorola chief Sanjay Jha has said a Wi-Fi only version is coming and should cost roughly $600,”

      When Sanjay said “around $600”, he was clearly intimating MORE than $600.

    2. Yep. Here is an accidental example of what could happen:
      This past weekend, talking to someone that has a Verizon Motorola Droid X. They kept bitching about the dropped calls and numerous other problems.
      Being a computer tech guy I asked how long they had the phone and did it act this way from day one?

      She said she got the phone in August/September and it worked really well. Then sometime in the fall it seemed to start dropping more calls, and it continues to be worse.

      Did a little research. The Droid X shipped with Andriod 2.1.
      Version 2.2 for the Droid X started being pushed out over the air at the end of September and into October.

      Immediately users started complaining of dropped calls along with tons of other problems. Just google “droid x 2.2 problems”.

      So most users will be like this girl and have no idea that the OS was updated automatically and that is when the problems started.

      I mentioned that the iPhone was now available at Verizon.

  3. The xoom, looked to be an ok tablet… With this news along with HAVING to pay Verizon for 1 month of 3G even though you only have a wifi model… I will not be giving this tablet a second look…

    The iPad 2 is a for sure buy, I might even buy the HP if they do it right…

    The xoom just gps to show you how little the companies care, and how little they think of us.. They won’t wake up, they still think were blind to all the bullshit they spew out… Let the low sells numbers be a slap in the face to google and motorola.. And samsung.. And whoever ells jumps on the bandwagon..

    I’ll give HP this, at least they are making everything in house. If done right it could be a worthy competitor.

      1. I just hope they don’t blow it.. And don’t nickel and dime me… Why do I have to pay for 3G on a wifi only tablet?!

        Again let the low sales number speak for the masses…

          1. It did have to wait, they even added a mechanical thumb and a human like 100ms delay after the question was asked before Watson could answer. In fact Watson was at a disadvantage in reaction time because the human players could anticipate the end of the answer and buzz in quicker. Common misconception with the Watson competition.

  4. The only reason they make a issue of Flash is that it is something they can say they have that iOS devices do not. Several times I have read “iPhones and iPads can’t do Flash,” confusing “can’t” with “won’t.” Flash is not a feature, in fact, it’s already dead, just not quite buried yet.

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