Obama dines with Steve Jobs, other tech execs with U.S. economy and education on menu

“President Barack Obama dined with a dozen leaders of the U.S. technology industry including Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs and Facebook Inc. founder Mark Zuckerberg as he sought support for his education and innovation agenda and discussion on promoting growth,” Kate Andersen Brower and Roger Runningen report for Bloomberg.

MacDailyNews Take: Wonder if they discussed the teachers’ unions?

• Teachers union demands apology from Apple CEO Steve Jobs – February 23, 2007
A clearer picture of Steve Jobs’ thoughts on public education and teacher unions – February 21, 2007
• Steve Jobs & Rush Limbaugh agree: U.S. public schools are ‘unionized in the worst possible way’ – February 20, 2007
• Apple CEO blasts teacher unions, says US schools are ‘unionized in the worst possible way’ – February 16, 2007

Or the tax holiday idea?

• Apple, Oracle, Duke Energy, others organize lobbying blitz for tax holiday – February 17, 2011

Brower and Runningen continue, “Also attending the session were Google Inc. Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt, Carol Bartz, head of Yahoo! Inc., Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter Inc., Reed Hastings, CEO of NetFlix Inc., Arthur Levinson, Genentech Inc. chairman, John L. Hennessy, president of Stanford University, and venture capitalist Steve Westly, managing partner of The Westly Group, according to a White House statement. The event was closed to press coverage.”

“The president met privately with the executives last night at the secluded home of John Doerr in Woodside, California, a wealthy community about 25 miles south of San Francisco,” Brower and Runningen report. “Doerr is a senior partner with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.”

“Obama’s $3.7 trillion budget sent to Congress Feb. 14 includes $148 billion for research and development, about $80 billion for federal information technology programs and a 4 percent increase in education, to $77.4 billon… Obama’s economic policies are under fire from Republican lawmakers who control the House of Representatives, and the administration is seeking ways to bring down the unemployment rate,” Brower and Runningen report. “The rate has stood at 9 percent or more for the longest stretch since monthly data was first compiled in 1948.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


    1. I wonder what was on Maobama’s menu. Guaranteed he didn’t eat the crap that Michelle Obamanidadjad and Bloomberg are trying to force on the rest of us.

      Hopefully Steve Jobs is recovering. We need him the most.

      1. Really? No one’s forcing you to do anything. The last time I checked you can still walk into a 7-11 and buy a box of Oreos and whipped cream for your guilty pleasures.

        1. No salt in NYC, Transfat laws, Michelle mandating what kids have to eat in school. Telling people what to eat. Complete BS. Stay the hell out of our lives Communist drones. We can decide what’s best for ourselves. We don’t need mommy Gov to wipe our bum bums for us.

          Annoy a liberal, work hard, be happy, be successful!!!!

          1. Sounds like you have a problem doing anything for yourself because apparently everyone else here can wipe their own butts. If you have a problem with no salt in NYC maybe you should complain to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. See you later, I’m headed to In-N-Out Burger for a double-double.

    1. No kidding. Seriously, MDN put your extreme political hat back in the closet and report on tech news. What the heck do teachers’ unions have to do with a President of the United States meeting with technology leaders? Stay on topic for once.

        1. And so by inserting teachers unions into an article topic about the US President meeting with technology heads about innovation, it adds WHAT useful information exactly?

          It is absolutely relevant that President Obama brings in tech leaders for discussion. This is the first administration to fully embrace on a daily basis:
          (1) Twitter
          (2) YouTube
          (3) Facebook
          (4) Cloud computing (see federal CIO Vivek Kundra)
          (5) Open source platforms like Drupal (see whitehouse.gov)
          (6) iPads

          Seriously, which technology leaders did you expect the US President to bring in? Are you angry that the President’s CIO pushes for federal govt to dump its legacy technology and replace it with stuff like GMail, cloud computing, social media tools (reduce costs and create better constituent engagement).

          Stop being Gov 1.0 and get with the times. I bet you guys would still be completely pissed even if the US President ordered all public agency technology to be replaced with Apple-branded items and hired Steve Jobs to plan public service technology for the future.

            1. Wendell labels, therefore he is. Seriously, that’s the best that you can do? It doesn’t apply and it isn’t even original.

              If this is an example of independent thought on your part, then the education system failed you. Perhaps you were part of “every child left behind” – you know, that unfunded GOP federal mandate.

            2. Queen Smell, the education system???? Is that what you think it is?? How about the indoctrination to commieville system. Look at the Wisconsin Low Life Teachers actions this week. You drones keep burying your heads in the sand. It feels safer that way doesn’t it. The harsh realities of what is being done to the US is too much for your teeny brains to handle. Don’t worry we conservatives will make it all better when we vote your Dear Leaders out in 2012.

      1. Not for long Glenn you little commie drone you. Michelle is plotting to take away your choice for what you want to eat. It’s coming. They just passed their fake food safety bill, RHINOs and the commies voted that stinker in. No ones against healthy food. We don’t need Michelle Maobama mandating it while her husband stuffs his face with In and Out Burger menu items. What’s it like to be so clueless to what’s going on around you Glenn?

        1. That’s right, we need to restore the role of ketchup as a vegetable!

          In theory, most people support “healthy food.” In practice, few people do when given the choice. They go for deep fried and large quantities. I feel fairly confident that our schools can provide healthier meal options without going communist.

        2. Please link to the line in the legislation that mandates what kind of “healthy food” you are to buy from now on.

          Until then, I’ll be out for lunch with my Commie conspiracists at In-N-Out Burger.

    1. Don’t count on it. He’s scheming to take them and their bank accounts over like the car companies and his unconstitutional MaobamaCare. They want to take our IRAs and 401 Ks next. Google it drones.

  1. Apple could help the economy out quite a bit if they increase the amount of work they are doing on battery technology. A breakthrough in that area could be licensed for use in vehicles and other areas, which would stimulate lots of jobs. Our energy problem really isn’t that we can’t make enough energy . . . its how do you store it and use it safely whenever you want to. . . . .

  2. Jersey_trader, you have created what and offer what? It is one thing to disagree with someone’s policies, but I suspect when your race is run you will have accomplished quite a bit less than Obama or any other President of the United States.

    1. I hope so. Maobama is overseeing the destruction of the US at break neck speed. Who in there right mind wants to be anything like him???? Supreme court looking into Birth Certificate as we speak.

            1. From your context I’m going to assume you want me to name a reputable news source.

              I realize you’re a troll, but how about the Honolulu Star-Bulletin?

              Put it this way: if a man who is not eligible to become president managed to do so then the US system of government is broken beyond repair and was long before Obama even sought election. A hell of a lot of people, many of whom are way smarter than either you or I, checked into his background with rigorous detail.

              PS If you’re going to use phrases like “Harvey-Little-Dick” (which by the way is ambiguous), you might want to refrain from including the word “Harvey” in your own name.

      1. Hmm, would that be the same “Maobama” that Steve Jobs suports? Why yes, yes, I believe it is. That fact must eat you alive. 😉

        The fact that you’re a “birther” type explains everything. To you, Barack Obama will never be legitimate because he’s black and his name isn’t “Smith.”

        Most Americans aren’t still fighting the Civil War. We’ve moved on.

        1. Not because of his name or how he looks but specifically because he has never disclosed his original birth certificate, his grandmother stating that he was born in Kenya, his wife calling Kenya Barack’s home country on video google it, spending millions to keep this all hidden, then on top of that hiding his foreign exchange student college records. Any reasonable person would be extremely concerned about all of this. That’s why the Supreme court is conferencing on this now. That’s why 10 plus states are changing there ballot eligibility rules to require an original birth certificate to be on the ballot.

          Why are 26 states suing the Federal Government over MaobamaSCARE???????

          What is wrong with you liberals????

      2. Disregarding all the sophomoric comments you’ve made, you might need to realize that the Supreme Court, Congress (yes including Republicans), and every minutiae public agency has to verify citizenship status of a Presidential candidate BEFORE they can even run for office. The fact that you ignore the countless, COUNTLESS times the Birther claims have been refuted does not bode well for your mode of logic.

        That being said, all the name-calling around MDN hints that I’m trying to reason with people who lack critical-thinking skills.

  3. Obama is as anti-union as you get. He probably joined in the fantasy that management always deals fairly with workers and there is never a need for workers to band together and agree to speak with one voice.

    I’ve been in and out of union situations and agree that the union probably holds back the very top performers, but they do the necessary job of protecting the median for the group as a whole.

    Apple won’t need a union as long as the CEO earns $1 per year. It will in the future, when some yohay gets the job that thinks he is worth 500x the average salary of Apple workers.

    1. Obama, anti-union???? Brain damage anyone? The guy is tied at the hip to unions. He is union.

      You makes the perfect case for why unions should be outlawed. Hold back the very top performers??? Why on earth would any one want to do that? Sick, sick, sick, and sicker. The liberal world is the Twilight Zone. Not reality.

      1. Anti Union huh?
        Want to bring back the days of 12 year old illiterate kids being chained to machines for 12 hour shifts 6 days a week in a firetrap building for a starvation wage? No vacation time, no sick leave, no retirement, no health benefits, no OSHA.
        What kind of person is so deluded or immoral as to even think that is the way to live? Turn off the CONservative Radio and read a book- hopefully not by some other CONservative.

        1. You don’t need unions to protect from Re-Bob you sensationalist moron. Unions and liberals are dragging the US down the drain rapidly. Does not work. Maobama Regime is following Saul Alinksi’s Rules For Radicals to a tee. You drones need to grow a pair and take care of yourselves by yourselves. Stop looking to the Government and Unions for everything. Losers

          1. Nice how you fit everyone into a binary slot like a good little NeoCONserv-a-bot. I am not a Democrat, didn’t vote for President Obama, did work for the election of President Reagan & know the difference between a real conservative and a NeoConned Troll.
            Economic Darwinism appeals to the uninformed, weak minded and hard hearted. It is the unspoken Holy Grail of the Uber Rich that own 90% of everything and begrudge you the other 10%.

            1. The UberRich are controlling the liberals you mo-ron. Conservatives will take this great country back at the voting booths despite idiots like you.

            2. Re: Maxwell

              Putting this here, since the thread seems to have run out of reply levels.

              No, the uber are controlling the tea party. Why in the name of God would they be controlling the liberals? That doesn’t make sense on any level.

  4. @MDN

    And exactly WHY do these tech companies with Billions in cash sitting on their balance sheets require a tax holiday???

    Everyone, from wall street to San Francisco is trying to reach into the US treasury and take what they can get.
    Enough is enough. We have to fix the entitlement programs and the deficit, and give tax holidays to well heeled corporations isn’t the way to go about doing it.

      1. It’s because when the corporate tax rate hits 0% and we get to compete with China by paying American workers $1.00/day MAYBE companies here will POSSIBLY do the right thing for domestic labor and hire a couple of people.

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