Apple customer survey suggests interest 3G-capable MacBook Air

ZAGGmate iPad case“Apple, a company notorious for relying on its own in-house research rather than the feedback of its customers, began reaching out to select MacBook Air owners this week in a new survey that could help define future versions of the diminutive notebook, posing questions on 3G, data syncing, I/O usage, and the desire for models with more capable computing power,” AppleInsider reports.

“The wide-ranging survey touches on a number of issues, including the use of USB ports and external disc drives, Web-based file storage and syncing, and use of certain function keys on the keyboard. It also includes a number of queries related to wireless 3G data connectivity, suggesting Apple could be exploring integrated cellular radios in future notebooks,” AppleInsider reports.

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: MacRumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. … sound like the sort of thing you’d want to add to a notebook best known for extreme light weight. An add-on for a MacBook or MacBook Pro? That’s believable. But, then, what makes someone believe Apple is limiting the survey to a single product? Apple has always been good at getting good value for money spent.

    1. Agreed,these devices should always be on, that is what they are for. Now to turn Verizon, AT&T etc. into utilities (i.e. dumb pipes) so we can keep data costs low enough to use our iDevices as we see fit.

  2. Quite a while back I (and others on this forum) suggested the expansion of 3G, GPS, and onboard sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer) across the Apple mobile product line – iPods, iPads, iPhone, Macbooks, and Macbook Pros. It just makes sense.

  3. MDN,
    Is there a way to not have to enter my name and e-mail every time I want to comment? Can’t it be automatically remembered with a cookie like before? I find myself less likely to post a comment, cause it is just a little more hassle.

    1. Yeah Register with word press. They dropped the mdn logins.

      Oh, and if you did and are on an iPhone…. Turn the mobile site OFF, login and then turn the mobile site back on.
      That annoyed the hell out of me.

  4. As for 3G in the air. I’d say yes.

    Stupid question time!
    My iPad is wifi. As I have pointed out before 99% of my iPad usage is around wifi access so I don’t need 3G. And if the 4.3 rumors are true about being able to hotspot with my iPhone, I may never need 3G.

    Maybe some of you 3G iPad users can answer this:
    If I grab a 3G iPad 2, can you ADD the monthly bill to your existing AT&T account? Or does it have to be all by itself?
    I asked a AT&T guy the other day and he had no clue lol.
    Reason being, I get a 20% discount on service with AT&T. (now that I think of it, it may be 15%… )
    I doubt I’ll be able to get the discount without it being on my existing account.
    Then again, if I can create the hotspot with the iPhone with the hotspot charge AT&T will add… (if cheaper than the iPad 3G monthly) 3G may not be worth it.

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