Samsung may supply Super PLS display panels for Apple’s iPad 2

“Samsung Mobile Display is reportedly poised to supply liquid-crystal display panels for the next version of Apple’s iPad, industry sources said on Wednesday,” Cho Ji-hyun reports for The Korea Herald.

“According to sources, the company, established in January 2009, is in the final stage of talks on supplying its latest LCD panels for Apple’s iPad 2, which is expected to be released later this year,” Ji-hyun reports. “It was further reported that Apple is interested in Samsung Mobile Display’s Super Plane to Line Switching (PLS) displays ― first unveiled in November last year ― which enable the company to deliver more and improved viewing angles.”

Ji-hyun reports, “The target market for Super PLS displays are smartphones and tablet PCs.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. If these haven’t been in production for a few months there’s no way Apple can use them for a product that will be released in April.
    Remember Apple will need 1-2M panels per month to match demand.
    This sound perfect for the third revision.

  2. This is made-up nonsense “news” by tabloids.

    The panel Samsung presented has 1280 * 720 resolution, so there is **no** way Apple will use it for iPad 2. Most probably, the panel will be used by one of “Galaxy Tab 2” variants.

    Also, LG Display/Sharp/Toshiba obviously has not stopped their developments of technology, so it is totally pointless to say now that Samsung is real choice and/or better than others.

  3. Apple definitely won’t be using that new display on the iPad 2. Apple has to be certain that there is enough panel supplies for tens of millions of iPads which means they’d need to do some serious stockpiling. Apple already had problems with display shortages last year for the iPad. They’re not going to let it happen a second time.

    These bloggers jump on or make up every rumor possible when it comes to Apple.

  4. Another example of “something is possible and it’s pretty cool so it will be in Apple’s next product.” Any component that Apple plans to use will have been SUPPLIED to Apple at least six months ago, NOT currently “poised to supply,” so that Apple can fully test it and begin plans for the start of production. A pre-production sample would have been provide to Apple even earlier, during the iPad 2 design process.

    If such a component is headed for iPad, now would be about the time Apple would start integrating it into the design… for iPad 3.

  5. In related news: Microsoft enables Smell-O-Vision™ for Windows Phone 7 and tablet versions of Windows. Leading the press event, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, said, “Now Windows really smells!”

    Here it is — first reported on MDN — a brand new rumor!

  6. Samsung is an unreliable partner that will stab Apple in the back. The present Apple A4 chip is produced by Samsung and already Samsung has lifted off the copyright of the A4 chip to produce its own tablet chip. Apple should not feed Samsung for it to compete unfairly with it.

    1. You’re absolutely correct! Sam-dung currently rips of Apple design and technology because they can get away with it. Apple will eventually be forced to put and end to it

  7. Again WS shysters and media whores using those IR dollars. The ruse here is to say that apple is using their technology. Then in the next couple of weeks they will announce they are selling their own products with the exact same tech. It is all about legitimizing and promoting themselves as equal to apple.

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