RUMOR: Apple buying small developer to improve iOS push notifications

“Apple is not only working on a new notification system for iOS, but is buying a small developer to make it possible, a source claims,” iPodNN reports.

“One of the less popular aspects of the firmware, the current notification system is sometimes seen as intrusive, and potentially confusing, since there may be little room to display text,” iPodNN reports. “The developer Apple is planning to buy is unknown except for the fact that it already has an iPhone title in the App Store.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Catching up? Maybe in one tiny aspect…yeah. Hhmmm 420,000+ apps….. Android has tons of catching up to do. With Verizon n board now, the developers should rake in more $$$.

  1. They need to do SOMETHING! Push does NOT work as advertised on iOS. Period!

    Mail read on my desktop is unread on my phone on my account… this is the very essence of PUSH.

  2. It’s great to see Apple responding to competition and user’s needs. Ever since HP’s webOS came around, push notifications has been the main complaint of iOS that’s been apparent. Apple seems to understand the need to keep improving iOS when the marketplace of it’s competitors is changing where the puck is going. (They’re not being ignorant of “not created here” technologies.)

  3. Wow I said this a couple times now in reaction to the Android news and you guys all bashed my head in. Now it seems Apple is addressing the lack of a decent notification system and you guys (at least some of you) are on the band wagon?

    Thanks for nothing

  4. MobileMe sure could use some help. And not just with push. Sync between my iPhones and iMac has been sporadic with added contacts and meetings. And why do I have to see multiple meeting notices, one for the unified inbox and another for the local? I understand the backend does have multiple things to track but from a user standpoint it’s just confusing.

  5. I’m telling ya, down in the corner, only pop up for about 15 seconds notifications like the xbox 360.
    And of course next you’re going to harp on me for refrencing a Microsoft product as a good idea.

  6. So far the best system I have seen is now on my iPhone… but I had to jailbreak it to install the apps that make it possible.
    Apple should buy Lockinfo and BiteSMS.

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