Verizon iPhone already represents 3% of U.S. iPhone traffic

“Mobile ad firm Chitika today announced that it has put together a live tracker showing the relative balance of AT&T and Verizon iPhones showing up on the company’s advertising network,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“The data, which is based on a rolling 24-hour average and is updated hourly, currently shows the Verizon iPhone already grabbing 3% of the U.S. base as measured by the limited study,” Slivka reports.

Slivka reports, “We spoke with Chitika’s Dan Ruby [who] offered an estimate in the range of 900,000 Verizon iPhones currently in use.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W. for the heads up.]


  1. So, it appears that maybe, in spite of a lack of lines for the iPhone on Verizon launch, there are almost a million of them on the street already. Not bad for 1 day, especially without the lines!

  2. On my mall walk this morning I noticed how very busy T-Mobile was, compared to the close-by Verizon store. I went home and read on the T-Mobile site “Fri. and Sat., Feb. 11 and 12 only: All smartphones FREE in T-Mobile® stores! Select smartphones FREE online, now through Valentine’s Day!”

  3. I had my annual AT & T call today to get them to “adjust” the expense on all my company’s lines. Felt emboldened by the Verizon choice. They clearly feel the prick of their new competitor.

    And that’s a good thing.

    As I spoke with their representative on a landline, my mandatory MicroCell crapped out and the iPhone bricked.

    What a lousy company.

  4. That’s the number in USE, not sold. I’m assuming that’s all the units sold during the pre-sale and in-store yesterday. That estimate doesn’t include the handsets bought online but not yet delivered. The actual number sold was well over a million I’m sure.

  5. Only existing Verizon customers were eligible to pre-order online. Therefore, anyone who was NOT an existing Verizon customer who purchased online (instead of at a store) would not have their iPhone 4 yet, so their iPhone would not be counted by this tracking system.

  6. It’s the newness of the verizon iPhone. Everyone that has a verizon iPhone, purchased or all the demo ones in a verizon store, will be using it heavily for the next few days.
    Give it a few weeks and the spike will drop.
    The week I got my iPad, that’s all i did. Still use it a ton (this post is from the iPad) but not as much as that first week.

    Still 900k iPhones on verizon… Not bad.

    How many AT&T iPhone users?
    Would like to see the comparison between AT&T/verizon now. Well, honestly the comparison for those numbers should be for iPhone 5 when it’s released. Comparing them now would be apples to oranges, AT&T has 3G, 3GS, and 4. verizon has just the 4 and only for a few days. Even comparing AT&T iPhone 4 vs verizon iPhone 4 launches is not really fair. AT&T had the antenna gate just as it launched. A non story, but they did try and bash apple and promote android/blackberry.

    1. Actually as I hit publish I saw the headline….
      I first thought it said 3% of US Internet traffic like the story we had a few days back showing that mobile US web traffic was primarily iOS.

      I did not see that it said US iPhone traffic… That means 97% of the iPhone traffic is still AT&T. Well, non verizon… Unlocked iPhones shouldn’t count for AT&T.
      Click the link and it shows a graphic showing 97% AT&T 3% verizon.

      Granted the number will change, but that’s not exactly a “blood bath” that many (read MDN…) we’re predicting.

  7. My co-worker was ready to retire his AT&T iPhone 3G and decided to switch back to Verizon (our corporate discount is much better than it is on AT&T). He had placed his online order on the 10th and had an expected ship date of the 18th.

    So, on a whim, we decided to hit the VZW store today over lunch. To our surprise, they still had stock of iPhones (got mine on Tuesday, having pre-ordered it, so I just shopped accessories). Anyway, he was switching from AT&T, so he bought two iPhones and two regular phones for his kids on a family plan. While waiting around, about 10 more people came in asking if they had any left. Everyone seemed to be able to get one.

    My guess is that they anticipated a lot more in-store traffic and directed the bulk of their inventory that way. What happened was exactly the opposite – more people ordered online hoping to avoid the lines.

    BTW, no slowdown on the VZW network at all even with all of the new traffic. I switched from a Droid Incredible and the iPhone is just as quick online as the Droid ever was (albeit a much more pleasant experience overall).

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