Pump it up: Canalys’ Google Android counts include rival Chinese variants

“Hot on the heels of Samsung admitting that it had exaggerated sales of its Android tablet to consumers, it is becoming clear that Google’s Android platform definition is being stretched to include Chinese rivals, including China Mobile’s Ophone and Tapas OS, a project run by the former president of Google China,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“A report by Canalys yesterday claimed that Google Android platform had taken the top spot in global smartphone platforms worldwide, edging in front of Nokia and making up about a third of all smartphones globally,” Dilger reports. “That fourth quarter figure, collective of all manufacturers using Android in some fashion, is double that of Apple’s Q4 iPhone sales, a dramatic reversal of last year, when Apple’s sales were twice that of all Android licensees together, according to Canalys. However, the report’s numbers included a footnote saying the ‘Google numbers’ ‘relate to Android, as well as the OMS and Tapas platform variants.'”

Dilger continues, “OMS is not Google Android… Tapas OS is not Google Android… How many of the 33 million “Android” handsets are actually benefitting Google and the users of Android platform (who benefit from a larger installed base for apps only if the installed base is actually made up of compatible devices) was not split out by Canalys. Clearly however, such a disclaimer would not need to have been made if the addition of those Chinese rivals had not been necessary to beat Nokia’s Symbian.

“Gartner similarly counted blockbuster growth for Android in the third quarter of 2011, but relegated most of this growth into a bucket of ‘other’ manufacturers. The top tier of recognizable Android makers, including HTC, Motorola and Samsung, all of which Google has partnered with to release new versions of Android, have all experienced far more moderate growth in sales numbers (or in the case of Motorola, shrinking sales),” Dilger writes. “That suggests most the growth in ‘Android’ numbers is coming from no-name vendors selling devices in countries such as China, using devices that don’t support Google’s development of the OS (via ads or search services) nor even expand the platform in any meaningful way that could benefit Android users.”

More in the full article, including a very telling graphic, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why all the hyped up, overinflated Android numbers lately? Whatever could be the impetus (cough, Verizon iPhone, cough? Google or somebody sounds like they’re getting really worried about developers’ interest, or lack thereof, in Android.


  1. Let’s level the playing field, and include Windoze numbers when adding up all the Mac OS machines. After all, Windoze is a blatant copy.

    And while we are at it, include copycat Android numbers when tallying iOS phone and tablet sales.

    It’s only fair.

  2. Android enthusiasts are remarkably thin on the ground in any major city that I’ve lately visited. All I ever see are iPhones and blackberries. Maybe the owners are just really good at hiding them.

  3. Google’s spending megabucks lately, misinforming idot tech writers, who don’t have a clue or any inclination to fact check, about android and chrome numbers.
    For the past few weeks the ramp up has been huge only to be corrected and retracted in the margins and backpages of the yellow blogs and rags that employ theses unqualified experts. Accompanying this slimy unfounded propaganda is much Apple iOS trashing and even low blows at Steve Jobs.

    Notice how it’s all perpetuated by the rats that can’t make Apple’s grade or favor?

    Despite the fact that the world has finally realized the Microsoft farce and the non existing value and quality of PCs, there’s still lots of dummies that fed the beast for years. Give the dog a bone…but beware of the pedigrees they all want and know the real thing – Apple.

  4. In the end the number of actual real live end users will decide which platform(s) win.

    At the moment, all numbers save those given by Apple are being kicked out in an attempt to preserve stock prices at competing tech companies and the bonuses of their CEO’s and by the general pool of analysts that have been so far off the mark on predicting anything Apple attempting to buy back some credibility.

    Do the number pushers really think the majority of the demographic buying these products actually give a rip what the numbers are? Have they actually gone into a retail outlet and watch people as they make a comparative buying decision?

    If you’re all that good, go create a user experience better than what Apple delivers in all areas and then report on real numbers.

  5. To: macfan101

    Truth Hurts “macfan101” and now Google gets called out on its lies and you are still defending them.

    It has nothing about a dislike of Android, Its has everything to do about all the lies and deceptive practices Google has implemented in the past months to undermine anything Apple does by numbers or devices, But Google has been called out and caught in the act of lies again and again.

    Now “macfan101” why do you want to change the subject to what we are really discussing here, And that is Googles & Androids Numbers are not what they are being true as reported, and we have a very scared bunch running to do anything to save what could be the beginning of the end of the shimmer of the fake Android sales tactic.

    Eat a nice Sh** Sandwich macfan101 its very cold.

  6. @NOT”macfan101″

    A couple of things:
    1) You’re so mature. Do you write for MDN? If not, maybe you should start.
    2) Exactly what lies has Google been called out for? Are you talking about the Samsung quote (Google doesn’t own Samsung, just so you know). As it turns out was the result of a mistranscription by the Wall Street Journal – but of course MDN doesn’t report that.
    3) Your second paragraph doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons.

  7. Time to viral that correction to our typical clueless tech writers. You know CNET ZDNET Register techrepublic any geek leaking windows androids blog sites. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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