Microsoft buys Apple iPads for fifth-grade class in Flagstaff, Arizona

“Thomas Elementary School’s fifth-graders are the proud stewards of 30 new grant-funded Apple iPads, which will help them share their poetry, look up famous inventions, practice math concepts — and possibly be the envy of those of us who still use a chunky, old-school notebook or desktop computer,” Hillary Davis reports for The Arizona Daily Sun.

“These sleek, touch-screen tablet computers, which retail for about $500 each for a basic model, allow students to access the school’s wireless Internet right from their desks, sliding and tapping their fingertips across the glossy faces,” Davis reports. “Each computer is assigned to a specific student, and they are encouraged to personalize their iPad with a wallpaper of their choosing.”

Davis reports, “A settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft several years ago allowed school districts across the country — who were not plaintiffs in the case — to benefit from unclaimed settlement money, which became grants aimed at school technology.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Excuse us for a moment while we laugh our asses off!


  1. I remember this settlement and Microsoft wanted to be able to offer an equivalent dollar value in Microsoft software. They got busted for limiting competition and they wanted to pay their punishment by limiting more competition.

  2. @Macromancer

    Reminds me of that scene from Raising Arizona…

    “All right, boy, I guess you got a reward coming. Twenty-five thousand dollars. Or, if you need home furnishings, I can give you a line of credit at any of my stores. In fact, that’s the way I’d rather handle it. Tax reasons.”

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