Verizon drops some Android phones to $100 ahead of iPhone

Electronista reports, “Verizon today started up a sale on its smartphone lineup ahead of its iPhone launch. Some of its most important devices, including the HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid 2 R2-D2, and both Samsung’s Continuum and Fascinate, have had their prices drop by as much as half to $100.”

“The company is promising 10 days of ‘sweet deals’ that line up with the iPhone’s February 10 date,” Electronista reports.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Liquidating unwanted inventory.


  1. Great. Now I can hear more of those, “Well, my phone isn’t quite as good as your iPhone but I paid half the price so it was a better deal,” argument.

    Never mind the total cost of ownership (what’s $100 over a two-year data plan) or convenience of the iTunes interface, superior hardware, better operating system, more apps, etc.

    “But I saved 100 bucks!” Okay, dude. Whatever you say . . .

  2. Carriers love subsidised deals. they so effectively hide the actual retail price of the phone, so that the consumer will never find out how much he is actually paying for the phone, or how big of a discount he is actually getting. When a phone seems to cost $200 , while it actually costs $500, it looks fantastic when that price is slashed in half, while in fact the discount was only about 20%.

  3. I wonder if the manufacturers agreed to absorb a little of that reduction as well? Price pressure coming to Android world will affect future build quality. Corners will have to be cut to maintain margins and undersell the iPhone.

  4. I just ordered my mother-in-law an iPhone 4 from AT&T for $100.

    Just buy it refurbished!

    All of Apple’s refurbished stuff comes with the exact same warranty as brand new stuff. Absolutely no reason not to buy Apple products refurbished and save some cash.

    Thanks Apple!

  5. Even IF Verizon were to PAY ME to take one from their inventory I would decline. My time is far more valuable. I have heard so many Android horror stories… Loss of data, lack of security, sync issues, incompatible apps, flaky hardware, wireless problems, fragmentation of the OS and the hardware, firmware update issues shall I go on?

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