Apple patent application describes three-dimensional Multi-Touch skins

“When Apple introduced the iPhone in January 2007, it turned the mobile phone industry on its head. It changed everything we knew about smartphones and threw out the manual,” Jack Purcher writes for Patently Apple.

“That’s what secret out-of-the-blue technology could do when applied just right. With the iPhone’s success, the Crazy Ones of Cupertino went into high gear,” Purcher writes. “They were scribbling ideas on bar napkins as their teams feverishly pushed the idea of what Multi-Touch was and more importantly, could be. Today you’ll learn about their new Three Dimensional Multi-Touch skin technology; an idea that could explode into a plethora of future product concepts.”

Purcher writes, “Apple credits Steve Hotelling and Wayne Westerman (behind many of Apple’s crucial touch patents. Wayne came over from Apple’s FingerWorks acquisition) as the inventors of this patent application which was originally filed about 18 months after the iPhone first came to market in the summer of 2007.”

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  1. This is great stuff. You could think of a million ideas where this could go in the future. A nice TV room chair with basic controls built into the arms of the chair. If it works with clothing, it means any material like leather. This has a lot of leg room to grow into. I’m sure the competition is heaving of the thought of having to chase Apple in a million directions. Haahahha.

  2. If it’s anything like Windows 7, it’ll suck. I got fooled into Win7 and won’t get fooled again. Windows talks it up and always fails to deliver. IE 9 still isn’t compatible with sites I need. Ha! You’re a dreamer Thurrot, that’s for sure.

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