China’s growing Apple fever

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac“The signs were everywhere: The steady stream of human traffic from New York’s Chinatown to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “The housewives arrested at the Hong Kong crossing with dozens of units strapped under their dresses. The scalper fights that broke out when Apple’s Beijing store briefly lifted its two-iPhones-per-customer limit.”

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P.E.D. reports, “Today, according to Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty, Asia Pacific is the company’s largest earnings driver, representing 39% of the company’s operating income growth last quarter… Huberty estimates that there is a core addressable market of 50 million middle-class Chinese with plenty of disposable income and a “strong interest in smartphones and the Apple brand. This is the market Apple was targeting when it announced that it planned to build 25 Apple Stores in China within the next two years.”

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  1. @ Gomer37

    No more “big brother.” Google is not “bigger” than Apple. If anything, the competition will start calling Apple “big brother” and start playing the “think different” (from Apple) card in their marketing.

  2. But I dont understand why Apple doesnt focus in India in similar manner. With the IT Services industry booming Indians too have lot of disposable income and now sadly all that income is sucked by the black market guys…

  3. Apple Asia Pacific huh?

    My email was hacked somehow by a person so far unidentified, and my credit card details were stolen. The thief used my card to spend nearly $900 at Apple Asia Pacific.

    Not Apple’s fault but boy am I pissed off that Apple doesn’t even have the courtesy to respond to my reports.

  4. I wrote in December 2010:

    Don’t forget China. China is scaling up to be the most exciting market for the immediate and foreseeable future for Apple. As the Chinese become more prosperous, they will go for very recognizable international branded goods. Apple has the foresight to set up upscale stores to tap the golden vein of the Chinese market at the most opportune time and it is beginning to pay dividends. Just look at the shortages of iPhones in this insatiable Chinese market. The iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and the Macs are the golden standards of tech must-get gadgets. The rest of the competition are just commodities and the Chinese will treat them as such.

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