Apple’s next-gen iPad may feature 2048 × 1536 super high resolution Retina display

InvisibleSHIELD.  Scratch Proof your iPhone 4!Responding to reports of Apple’s next gen iPad’s screen being “super high resolution,” Daring Fireballs’ John Gruber writes, “If the screen is higher resolution, my money is on the same physical size, at 2048 × 1536 resolution. It’s not about reaching some arbitrary pixels-per-inch resolution, but about being exactly double the pixel dimensions of the existing iPad, so that the math for scaling the UI works out. Just like the iPhone 4 — quadruple the pixels in the same physical space. That many pixels on an iPad, though, would require a lot more RAM and one hell of a mobile video card. I hope it’s true, because it’d be beautiful, but I’ll believe it when I see it.”

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Electonista reports, “A handful of discoveries on Saturday may have all but confirmed suspicions of a new iPad with a Retina Display. Both Arizona State University researcher Rafeed Chaudhury and mobile app writer Steve Troughton-Smith found images in both the current iBooks 1.2 and its 1.1 predecessor showing background and bookmark images that fit a “2X” iPad resolution that doesn’t exist before. The wood tile image (below) is 1,536 pixels wide, twice the width of the iPad’s screen, and by extension points to a 2048×1536 display on the future Apple tablet.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Manny S.” and “Jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t see this as “all but confirming” anything. If the previous (not just latest) version of iBooks app also had “2x” images, why is the same type of thing NOT seen in other recent Apple apps? Why is it ONLY for the bookmark image and the background image, and NOT for other graphical elements in the iBooks app?

    This type of screen upgrade may be Apple’s eventual plan for iPad, and there are probably internal iPad prototypes in the “secret lab” that have such a doubled screen resolution. Apple can afford a long and exhaustive testing process for iPad (unlike the competition just throwing half-baked stuff out there), and they are probably already working on iPad 3.0. Apple may have been using the iBooks app for testing purposes; it would be a good choice, since it renders a lot of text and graphics in displaying its media content.

    I just don’t see it happening for “iPad 2” (although I’d love to be wrong and see iPad get some crazy cool screen). It will no doubt happen eventually.

  2. Apple plays to win. Even if their margins are slightly hurt next year it will put them so far ahead of the competition that their dominance will be assured for the forseeable future in the tablet market.

    The iPad will continue iPod like dominance.

    But they won’t call it iPad 2. It’ll just be iPad (2nd generation) like iPods and Apple TV.

  3. @ Manbearpig

    iPad will “continue iPod like dominance” in 2011 whether it has a “Retina Display” or not. Heck, even the current first gen iPad would be sufficient to dominate the current competition…

    And “iPad 2” is a logical product name. The current iPhone is called iPhone 4, and it was preceded by iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. iPods had all sorts of suffix names, such as mini, photo, nano, 5G, classic, touch, etc. It was not just called “iPod.”

  4. A retina high res display model and one using current res would allow Apple to price differentiate and the current generation can be reduced and sell for $299.

    Say goodbye to so called poor copy-cats.

  5. It’s an advantage for the iPad that the iPhone presents more pixels per inch, because when you run an iPhone app on an iPad it scales larger. Also, there’s a greater need for Retina Display on an iPhone because the human eye needs more help resolving its smaller image.

    Apple should take the resources that might go to an iPad Retina Display and spend them on some other improvement.

  6. All I want in the iPad 2 (beyond what it has now) is front camera.
    All the rest… Just a bonus to me.
    Rear camera
    Retina display
    SD slot

    But if the retina display is true on the iPad 2…. Truly game over.

  7. Wow! Full-HD movies in your lap!

    Sounds good, but I can imagine a display of that resolution would need a LOT of horsepower and battery life to drive the thing.

  8. I prefer no SD card reader. The Dock Connector does everything!
    Keep it simple.

    Why doesn’t Apple make the Camera Kit with ONE adaptor instead of two? I’ve seen a Chinese Dock Connector adaptor that has an SD card slot AND USB port in one. It would be even better if it could charge at the same time!

    I’d like Stereo Speakers! Hell, there’s room for it!

  9. God you people are stupid.

    “…even if it hurts the margin”
    Apple is a Company. They need to make a profit.

    The things that are coming out of your keyboards. JUST PAY $40 FOR A FREAKING DONGLE. IDIOTS.

  10. I want a 7″ solid state media deivce to play movies and music, with an sd card slot for movies and wifi so it can get netflix. I want to give it to my kids to keep them occupied on trips. I want to pay $100 for this device. It needs to be durable unlike the the cheap android plastic tablets available. Basically just a diskless version of the dvd players we’ve had for the car for years.

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