MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Verizon’s special media event

Today, 1-11-11 at 11am ET, Verizon is holding a special media event in New York City’s Lincoln Center.

All signs point to the long-awaited debut of an Apple iPhone on Verizon’s network. Yes, Verizon customers, very soon you may no longer have to settle for a pretend iPhone!

We’ll have live coverage of the event here:

Additional live coverage links include:
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  1. Regarding the 3 questions that need to be answered….

    “1. 4G or 3G, World phone or CDMA-only?” CDMA only.

    “2. What features [if any] distinguish the Verizon iPhone from the iPhone 4?” None; you will call it an iPhone 4 as well.

    “3. Details, details, details (costs, preloaded apps, etc.)?” Most likely same as the AT&T iPhone; same pricing for the phone and no preloaded apps except for the built-in ones. Probably an introductory phone price discount from Verizon.

    Elaborating a little bit on question one….. It would be a lot of thecnical hassle having both kinds of radios in one device, it would increase the phone price, and greater battery draining would also be a major factor to not having both kinds of technologies.

  2. Seriously??? Live Coverage page??? For an event that may have NOTHING to do with Mac, or Apple??? Not to mention that likely half of your audience is not really all that interested in whatever Verizon has to say, in order to warrant LIVE coverage…

    I mean, I totally understand the excitement of MDN folks over the prospect of some American carrier becoming oh, what, 87th carrier in the world that now has the iPhone, but do we really, really need to replace the entire home page with the ‘Live Coverage’ page? This is definitely NOT a MacWorld (or special Apple Event) keynote.

    Perhaps I’m the last remaining skeptic when it comes to iPhone on Verizon… Still, there are people from outside of America that frequent MDN, to whom this is completely immaterial.

  3. Their 4g network would be run over like a Mack Truck if the i4 came to that network. It’s the reported reason why VZ has been offloading their 3g network (to make room).

  4. peddrag… your a drag… and if its not an apple event why did all apple press get invites? eh? why all the leaked cases, and replacement parts leading up? Verizon just had two keynotes, why would they need another one?…. signs point to iphone… and possibly ipad on Verizon. Today.

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