Growing number of U.S. schools embrace Apple’s revolutionary iPad as learning tool

Apple Online Store“As students returned to class this week, some were carrying brand-new Apple iPads in their backpacks, given not by their parents but by their schools,” Winnie Hu reports for The New York Times.

“A growing number of schools across the nation are embracing the iPad as the latest tool to teach Kafka in multimedia, history through ‘Jeopardy’-like games and math with step-by-step animation of complex problems,” Hu reports. “As part of a pilot program, Roslyn High School on Long Island handed out 47 iPads on Dec. 20 to the students and teachers in two humanities classes. The school district hopes to provide iPads eventually to all 1,100 of its students… ‘I think this could very well be the biggest thing to hit school technology since the overhead projector,’ said South Mountain Elementary School principal Scott Wolfe.”

Hu reports, “The New York City public schools have ordered more than 2,000 iPads, at $1.3 million; 300 went to Kingsbridge International High School in the Bronx, or enough for all 23 teachers and half the students to use at the same time. More than 200 Chicago public schools applied for 23 district-financed iPad grants totaling $450,000; the winners each received 32 iPads, on average — for a total of 745 — as well as iTunes credit to purchase applications. The district is now applying for a $3 million state grant to provide iPads to low-performing schools next year… The Virginia Department of Education is overseeing a $150,000 iPad initiative that has replaced history and advanced-placement biology textbooks at 11 schools. In California, six middle schools in four cities (San Francisco, Long Beach, Fresno and Riverside) are teaching the first iPad-only algebra course developed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Even kindergartners are getting their hands on iPads. Pinnacle Peak School in Scottsdale, Ariz., converted an empty classroom into a lab with 36 iPads — named the ‘iMaginarium’ — that has become the centerpiece of the school because, as the principal put it, ‘of all the devices out there, the iPad has the most star power with kids.'”

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  1. Looks like the Detroit school district will be churning out assembly line zombies forced fed on Asus netbooks for some time to come.

    As for the other more enlightened school districts, an Apple a day keeps those students on the educational fastlane.

  2. The iPad is the tipping point in the PC vs Mac wars.

    The PC OEMs should be terrified. The Mac will continue to suck up the >$1000 PC market and the iPad will suck up the <$1000 PC market.

  3. Ya know, if Detroit had bought 40,000 iPads (plus keyboard docks), they’d have spent $22 million on this purchase–without Apple giving them a cent discount. Add infrastructure and other costs and you’re still way below the cost they’ve laid out for their Asus POSes. Idiots.

  4. @iChina,
    has the headline changed? To me it doesn’t say anything about the iPads one way or the other.

    Maybe you are thinking of the previous story, listed in the related articles:
    “Detroit Public Schools buy 40,000 foreign-made Asus netbooks using U.S. Federal ‘stimulus’ funds”

    If you read about the concerns of the commenters on the Detroit stories, it is not hypocritical at all. Of course iPads are made in China. The point is that Apple is a US company. The revenue comes to the US, and Apple pays its taxes to the US govt.

    I have never read of Apple dodging taxes nor being creative with its structure (as I have read of MS); and I have never read of Apple failing to do its due diligence State by State as far as its employees are concerned (as I have read of Walmart, which has been sued by several States for various employee-related matters and apparently tries to keep employees in temp contracts in order to avoid employee benefits).

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