HTC prepping iPad killer called ‘Scribe’

Apple Online Store“HTC Corp., the world’s largest maker of mobile phones using Google Inc.’s Android operating system, may be developing a tablet computer to rival Apple Inc.’s iPad,” Olga Kharif reports for Bloomberg. “HTC, based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, filed for a trademark for a product called HTC Scribe, describing it as a ‘handheld wireless device, namely a tablet computer.’ The filing was recorded with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Dec. 26.”

Kharif reports, “A tablet would provide a new growth stream for HTC, whose sales more than doubled last quarter from a year earlier.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’re going to help Olga out here. Let’s see, where’s that Bias Eraser™? Oh, okay, here: “A tablet may provide a new growth stream for HTC.” There, that’s better.

Kharif continues, “The company hasn’t announced a tablet and Chief Financial Officer Cheng Hui-Ming said in October that HTC is ‘studying the market.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Frantically disassembling iPads, staring blankly at A4 chips, and praying that Our Lady of Perpetual Beta gets a fake iOS out that kind of works for tablets before summer.

Kharif continues, “Tablets have emerged as a top seller among consumer electronics this year after Apple released the iPad. That company sold 4.19 million units last quarter. ‘This will provide an alternative to the iPad,’ Will Stofega, program director at consulting firm IDC in Framingham, Massachusetts, said in an interview. ‘This will compete on pricing, and could be as good or better.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Now, we’ll help out Will with the ol’ Bias Eraser™: “This may provide an alternative to the iPad. This may compete on pricing, but Apple’s economy of scale will be tough to approach, so HTC’s margins will likely be thin if they try to match iPad’s pricing. And, for all I know sitting here freezing my ass off in Massachusetts concocting quotes, it could be as good or better, but, with history as my guide, the chances are exceedingly strong that it won’t be nearly as good and probably much worse.” There, that’s better, too.

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  1. Will it happen that someone, somewhere, sometime catch the “focus on user” that Apple has? I mean, no competitor has understand the iPad nor the object of it: iPad is for illiterate in computer sciences who wants to be productive, browse the Internet, do mail, presentations, etc. without mess on the operating system.
    Android, WM7, etc. are for people that like to mess with the OS.
    Is like comparing a Mercedes with a “know it all” driver VS a “do it yourself” car. It is fascinating to have one, if you like motors, but Do you want to have your toolbox in the trunk (if it exists) so every time your car breaks down, you can fix it?

  2. Happy New Year!!: LOL “Frantically disassembling iPads, staring blankly at A4 chips, and praying that Our Lady of Perpetual Beta gets a fake iOS out that kind of works for tablets before summer.”

  3. By the time this new ‘iPad killer’ is out the door the iPad will be on version 2. Apple own this market and I can’t see that changing. Apple have been working on this for many years the other just started and will always be playing catch up.

  4. What’s more, these vaporware devices are all based on comparisons to iPad 1. Which will still likely be superior to much of what will be released in 2011. What do they do if Apple keeps the iPad 1 as an entry device and drops the price to $399?

  5. I can’t wait to read HTC BS talk on how they have been secretly developing this for years. Infact several years before the iPad. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. With so many tablets coming out, the Manhattan Declaration is free to submit their app to the Android or Windows marketplaces or the RIM World, what the hell are they whining about? Unless they have some reservations in aligning themselves with a “marketplace” or “scribe” on account of Jesus? Surely total Android device units will outsell iOS devices, so logically it puts them on a broader platform reaching more people, or is their true intention simply to glorify themselves?

  7. Id rather save my money and not settle. Thats right, NOT SETTLE. If it werent for Apple and the iphone people would still b using a Razor. Lmao. So u Roid fans should b down on ur knees kissin Stevos arse.

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