Apple’s schedule for 2011, month-by-month

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “Apple’s gearing up for a busy, busy year in 2011,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “We’re already expecting the iPhone 5 and iPad 2.0, we’re looking forward to the Mac App Store and more.”

Evans wonders, “So what events and product releases might feature in Apple’s 2011 schedule?”

“I’ve looked into my tea leaves, done some educated guessing and mulled over typical Apple release patterns to create an almost completely fictitious diary for Apple’s 2011,” Evan explains. Don’t bet your investments on this work of fiction (I’m not claiming any inside view here, it is all based on open speculation), with these caveats in mind I’d like to invite you to sit back and enjoy the ride…”

Full article – what’s likely to be right and what’s likely to be wrong? – here.


  1. I am oblivious to the fact who the referenced blogger is. No matter how many niche awards this “journalist” has, even an educated guess is not a newsitem. It is silly musings… and terribly written at that. From un-journalistic contractions to superfluous fillers and stall-tactics. If you have nothing to say, do not pad it with meaningless husks! Every aspiring writer should at least read Zinnser before being allowed to blog!

    The rundown of items is half scheduled items, with the rest being unwarranted financial predictions and product announcements that may happen… or may not! Don’t take his word for it, ha-hah!

    Do not mistake me for trolling. No-substance articles should NEVER be perpetuated (in kind.)

    MDN, you should know better than to hit-whore with blog-posts – I can go to slashdot for that.

  2. agree with macmetal and must add these things:
    “Safari 6 offers improved Flash support — Flash now an optional extra.”

    no they won’t add support for flash

    “Apple introduces Android emulator for iPhone, “There’s some good apps on Android, now iPhone users can run them on their iPhone, unless they use Flash,” says Jobs.”

    odly, I could see that happening

    “Pad nano replaced by iPhone nano, worn like a watch and equipped with an A4 processor and the capacity for voice calls, this smaller cheaper iPhone is feature-limited but lets you Tweet, Facebook and email on the move.”

    huh? what do you mean it’s feature limited but let’s you run third party apps?

    “iLife 12 appears, equipped with additional ‘cloud’-based features this is the first version of iLife to be made available exclusively via the App Store.”

    you mean like storing stuff remotely? oops that’s already there.

  3. oh yea one more thing:
    what do they mean by “brings the ‘web’ to ibooks”

    you mean make it so you have to be tethered wirelessly to a hotspot to read your books? that’s retarded and apple doesn’t do retarded things (not having apple script on the iphone is just a timing thing)

    which leads me to the fact that he left out:
    applescript for ios
    and the A4 macintosh

  4. A few issues:

    1. Safari 6 (on Macs) will continue to support Flash, but not on iOS devices

    2. No Android emulator for iOS. Would simply kill battery life, and why? There’s no demand for it.

    3. No iPhone nano. Period. Doesn’t work with iOS and apps, and a new iPhone only costs $99 anyway.

    4. No white iPhone until iPhone 5. Releasing it now just draws too much attention to the fact it was missing.

    5. iPad 2 won’t be announced in January unless it’s going on sale that month. Certainly won’t wait 3 months for the new version.

    6. Never, ever, never iTunes for Android.

    7. Apple will never, ever, never cut prices for December sales season, and especially not for the iPhone nano (which won’t exist), but certainly not for any new product (or any product Apple’s not planning to kill off totally anyway).

    If this guy really follows Apple, he needs to do some reviewing.

  5. December 7 this guy said the iPad 2 would come as soon as February 14, now just 2 weeks later he says it’s coming in April.

    He claims it’s going to be announced in January. Apple won’t announce the iPad 2 that far ahead of it’s release. It only does that with new product types so they can road show them and get developers and other partners on board. Also, the iPad 2 won’t sell 1 million on day one. It will be wildly successful, but that’s just too many units to ship, stock and sell in one day.

    “Apple introduces Android emulator for iPhone”

    This is such crazy talk. What Android apps aren’t available on the iPhone? Wouldn’t it be cheaper, easier, and better to simply fund their iPhone development if needed apps were missing from the platform?

    “iPad 2.0 achieves six million sales in first two months.”

    This is unlikely as well, mostly from a production and distribution perspective, but worldwide demand will be there.

    “iTunes app lets Android users purchase music from their favorite music store.”

    This is interesting. The problem is that Apple doesn’t make much money from music sales, and would be promoting the Android platform by doing this. iTunes is available on Windows because it supports iOS device sales. As it is, Android users can buy music from iTunes on their computers and sync to their Android phones.

    “iPod nano replaced by iPhone nano, worn like a watch and equipped with an A4 processor and the capacity for voice calls, this smaller cheaper iPhone is feature-limited but lets you Tweet, Facebook and email on the move.”

    Not gonna happen. If such a watch iPhone could be made, they’d still offer the iPod version, much like the iPod touch is the iPod version of the iPhone.

    I could imagine the iPhone nano being redone based on the whole “watch” craze going on with it right now. Apple could make it more suitable for being a watch, offer a band, and open it to developers.

    I’m surprised of no mention of opening the Apple TV to developers, and the only mention of the A5 was in regard to the Apple TV. I expect the A5 to be a pretty big deal next year.

    Much of everything else this guy wrote seems right on or pretty close.

  6. The server (Xeons) or extreme variants of Sandy Bridge won’t be shipping in volume until late calendar Q3 or early calendar Q4 of 2011. Thus the updated Mac Pros won’t happen until September or later.

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