Analyst: Verizon ‘excited to launch Apple iPhone; considers it ‘essential to its future success’

“Verizon considers the iPhone as ‘essential to its future success,’ Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu said on Tuesday,” Electronista reports.

“Receiving further updates from purported sources, he understood that Verizon is ‘excited’ to launch the iPhone,” Electronista reports. “The carrier allegedly still believes that Apple is vital to offsetting slowing Android sales.”

Electronista reports, “Wu gave a wide launch first-half 2011 timeframe for a CDMA iPhone launch, though most expect it to happen early next year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Stick a fork in it, this thing is done. Fully baked*. All we need are the details (dates, models, price points).

*Jobs would not let analysts bake this into the stock price without refuting it. The silence is not only deafening, it speaks volumes.


  1. All we need are the details (dates, models, price points).

    Date: Never
    Models: None
    Price points: $0.00

    As some keep saying. Verizon getting the iPhone since 2007.

  2. I think it’s so funny that all these analyst are pinning Verizon’s hopes and dreams on the iPhone. For so many years Verizon and Handset manufacturers bashed the iPhone together. Then now with 3&1/2 years of info on how great the iPhone is they say verizon is on the downside and is pinning it’s hopes and dreams on single device which they laughed at from beginning to point they finally learned they got kicked in the balls, really really really hard.

  3. They have to wait until make-believe-iPhones given for Christmas pass the 30 day return deadline. Otherwise they would be buried under a used Android/Blackberry/Nokia avalanche. So February at the earliest.

  4. @blah blah blah…

    Normally, I’d think you’re right, but there have been so many rumors from so many different sources. They must have renegotiated the 5yr agreement with AT&T. Why else would AT&T have given early iPhone 4 upgrades this past summer? I think that’s the key difference this year.

  5. No, MDN. It’s not done. It’s not even THAWED. Wu said LAST YEAR that Verizon was getting the iPhone. And the year before that. AND THE YEAR BEFORE THAT YEAR!

    Verizon. Hoping & praying to get the iPhone since they fucked it up the 1st time any day now since 2006.

  6. That’s confusing. First, Verizon insulted the prophet Steve Jobs with a No when he first offered Verizon the iPhone. It seems the iPhone is consequential to Verizon, if they’re that rude. Now Verizon says the iPhone is essential to Verizon’s future. That seems to be kissing Job’s ass in a way. So, does Verizon need the iPhone? I don’t think Verizon deserves it. Unless, of course, Verizon becomes obstentatiously obsequious to Steve Jobs in every possible way from now on.

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