Apple iPad deployment in healthcare to reach nearly 70% in 2011

Apple Online Store“Results from a survey of nearly 950 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) members indicates that iPad deployments are accelerating in large part due to the mobile device’s compelling point-of-care applications and uses,” Nicole Lewis reports for InformationWeek.

“Data showed that nearly 70% of the attendees were from hospitals or healthcare organizations with more than 1,500 employees, and 15% of attendees were executive-level staff or physicians,” Lewis reports. “More than 25% of the HIMSS respondents plan to deploy the iPad and other iOS devices immediately and nearly 70% plan to deploy the devices within the next year.”

Lewis reports, “One-third of respondents identified point-of-care applications — including lab order visualization and results, clinical decision support, and medical image viewing applications — as top priorities, while 18% identified general administration, including billing, coding, and claims applications, as top priorities.”

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  1. You mean, don’t get the bloodbath on your PCs, Android phones and tablets, RIM Playbook, Moto Slab and HP Slate screens.

    I’ve said it before. the PC OEMs should be irritated that the Mac continues to have one record quarter after another. But they should be terrified that the iPad is already outselling the Mac.

    The iPad is going to suck the life out of the el cheapo PC market. And the Mac will continue to suck the life out of the premium PC market.

  2. I wonder what an sanitizable iPad would cost.
    An iPad with no ports and with wireless charging, hermetically sealed so you can put it into an autoclave.
    As it is currently is, I just see it as another MRSA hotbed.

  3. Rainer: “As it is currently is, I just see it as another MRSA hotbed.”

    I suspect roll dispensers of Saran Wrap will become standard equipment in hospital wards in short order.

  4. Our system is deploying a new HIS in 2012-2013 over our 5 campuses & numerous clinics and it features full iOS support.
    It’s already ordered and the IT & implementation teams are already getting training and doing the groundwork for flipping 3 different HIS’s into this new one. The HW site visit for our campus was last week.

  5. The problem is that many facilities are tied to MS technology. Many of the web programs for data, order entry, et cetera are not WebKit friendly and require MS Internet Explorer. I hope the OEMs for the software will continue to make this change to support WebKit.

  6. Does the iPad touch-display work well if it has a layer of Saran Wrap over it? It would be easy for hospitals to purchase specialized wrappers (something like a large ziplok sandwich bag) for iPads in order to keep them sanitized. I don’t know why people are making such a big deal out of this.

    About this problem of everything in the world being tied to Microsoft and Windows. What Ballmer’s fanbois seem to be saying is that the world can never move past Windows. Computing will continue to be hindered by a world where no changes can be made in computing unless Microsoft makes the changes.

    So, even if employees and upper management want to make changes in the type of computers they want, the Windows-loving IT fanbois will somehow prevent it. That seems to be some sort of monopoly situation in effect.

  7. Ballmer-the-loser: “WTF, iPad does not even come with a keyboard and mouse, how can healthcare professional even use it?? Huh??… This is a total nonsense and horsesh_t… No keyboard? WTF!!”
    … then you see chairs start to flying out of Ballmer-the-loser office’s windows ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  8. @iPhonerules
    I have had a clear plastic waterproof, airtight bag for my iPad since July. It even floats. I use when I am on my boat and also when playing golf. It is great whenever your hands are wet, sweaty or dirty. You can use the screen touch motions through it just like it isn’t there. My wife uses one in the kitchen when the flour is flying. So I would guess that throw away bags must be what they are using in hospitals. So keeping an iPad useable and sterile is simple. Perfect fit.

  9. @NCMacMan,
    Thank you for sparing me the task of pointing this out to all the rest. Integration of an iPad EMR client with a server-side client is the elephant in the room.

  10. All those worrying about MRSA on the iPad haven’t been paying much attention to current practices. Our doc’s use MacBook Pros with no consideration of sanitation. If you think everything in the medical setting is sanitized you’re saddly mistaken. Only those items that they intend to put into you are consistently sanitized. This is why the most likely place to become infected is in a medical setting.

  11. As to the idea of a sanitary iPad, sorry, needing to look professional, I want it to look cheap enough to have just been changed. I don’t think it will even need to be sealed for most purposes. My guess is the likely succeder in this category will resemble a large translucent condom. Really to succeed it will need to be no more challenging than the latex glove.

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