Diagrams, spec sheets for HP’s forthcoming PalmPad tablet leak online

Apple Online Store“FoxNews.com has obtained spec sheets for HP’s forthcoming PalmPad tablet this week from a trusted source,” Clayton Morris reports for FOX News.

“HP will introduce three models of the PalmPad at CES, with minor hardware differences distinguishing them,” Morris reports. “All three will run a new iteration of the WebOS operating system, version 2.5.1; they’re collectively a spin-off of the never-released HP Slate. A fourth version won’t be shown off at CES, I’m told, but it will be custom made for university students to prove how versatile the machines can be.”

Morris reports, “The consumer version of the PalmPad will run on Sprint’s fast 4G network, but otherwise it has hardware specs nearly identical to Apple’s iPad. There are minor differences, of course: It has a mini HDMI port, for example, while the iPad requires a special dongle for video output. And there are front- and rear-facing cameras (1.3 megapixel and 3 megapixel, respectively), both with LED flashes… At 1.25 lbs, the PalmPad also sports a USB 3.0 port and a ‘multi-switch’ just like the one on the Palm Pre… The three versions being shown off at CES haven’t been finalized yet, but will probably have a larger screen than the university version, one nearly identical to the 9.7-inch LCD on the iPad.”

More info in the full article, with diagrams, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Manny S.” for the heads up.]


  1. I thought the original vapourware HP Slate is suppose to be equipped with crapware from Ballmer-the-loser & Co. Well, we will see how it play out in the marketplace. It looks like 2011 will be a very interesting year. Regardless, it is safe to assume Ballmer-the-loser & Co will be left out in the freezing cold… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Kinda reminds me of the “If a tree falls in the forest…” question. But, in this instance, it would go something like this…

    If a Crap-Pad-Copycat-Table-Device is leaked to the press by a has-been company, does anyone really give a sh%t?

    Come on… Foxnews.com… really? And this was somehow sold to their readers as if it were an “investigative journalism” leak that came their way? Honestly… what a lame attempt to fabricate or copy the mystique that surrounds Apple products and the rumors we love to toss around.

  3. Don’t forget, one hour of battery life. What was the price again?


    Mini Me, stop humping the “laser”. Honest to God! Why don’t you and the giant “laser” get a fricken room for God’s sakes?

  4. WebOS? What if there is no WiFi or towers? Do they have a low power PC chip like the iPad to give 9 or 11 hours of use? Is there apps? How about FaceTime? …

    I think I will stick with my iPads. Got 2 already and should have the iPad 2 by the time this turd drops. (Good visual.)

    And it will not be shipping this week so Christmas is off for HP! Maybe Q1 or Q2 or … Last years never shipped so this year will ship because?

  5. – mini HDMI port
    – front and rear-facing cameras
    – both with LED flashes
    – USB 3.0 port
    – a ‘multi-switch’

    Makes for a nice long feature list on the packaging. A win for Palm’s marketing department!
    Doesn’t matter if all of this works smoothly, or at all, or if these “features” run the battery down in half an hour.
    “The price has been paid and the dollar has been made! Oops – Gotta go!” – Palm

    Three versions?
    Yeah, BigDadu, I agree. If this thing is versatile, why separate models for different uses?

    On the other hand, the iPad can be used by students, professionals, and casual users and one person can use their iPad for work, creation, and entertainment.
    Making a special version for student use seems to me like an admission of defeat before these things are even launched.

    PalmPad: From the shipyard, straight to the bottom of the harbour?

  6. “…custom made for university students” – is this statement not kind of like “deciding the natural talents of children”? I thought the purpose for a university was a well-rounded, diverse education. Now “customized for University of Phoenix students” I can understand. But hey, logic has nothing to do with computer design, right?

  7. Where do you guys get specs about battery life??

    @Jersey_Trader, how does one use FaceTime on the iPad?

    Looks interesting but the advantage of the iPad is iOS. It is good to have innovation and the patents to back protect it from the copycats. The iPad should get cameras, and perhaps an out port for peripherals like HDMI or perhaps a SIM card tray for 3G/4G connectivity?

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