Verizon needs Apple’s iPhone as soon as possible: Why February 2011 is most likely for launch

“By now, it’s pretty obvious who needs a Verizon iPhone more, Apple or Verizon. (Hint: It ain’t Apple.) The latest rumors have a Verizon iPhone coming to market in the first quarter of 2011. But when exactly? With the new year rapidly approaching, everyone is playing the guessing game,” Tom Kaneshige writes for CIO. “So here’s my bet: February.”

“Wireless carrier AT&T is bracing for the end of its iPhone exclusivity agreement in its SEC filings,” Kaneshige writes. “In addition, sources told the Wall Street Journal that a Verizon iPhone is on the way. That kind of leak usually doesn’t happen without Apple’s tacit approval… Market researcher Asymco released a damning report earlier this week showing all of Verizon’s major smartphones (RIM, HTC, Motorola, Palm, LG and Samsung) sliding since August. Meanwhile, AT&T enjoyed a spike in iPhone sales in the second quarter of this year, thanks to the release of the iPhone 4. It’s clear that Verizon needs an iPhone as soon as possible.”

“If a Verizon iPhone came out in January—that is, inside of the 30-day return policy—Verizon customers would return their Christmas phones for iPhones, leaving Verizon stuck with crushing inventory,” Kaneshige writes. “Verizon needs an iPhone as soon as possible, and the earliest a Verizon iPhone can hit the market is in February, after the 30-day return policy.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. No, WE need the Verizon phone to hit as soon as possible so this rumor comes to fruition and we can beging rumor-mongering about another great, forthcoming Apple product. Dontchathink?

  2. This analysis only makes sense from Verizon’s point of view. *They* are the ones who want the iPhone asap, and *they* are the ones who have the 30-day return policy in place.

    So February is the obvious choice **if it were up to Verizon and no one else**.

    But what about Apple’s side of the equation? Is that a good month from the hardware logistics point of view? From Apple’s marketing point of view? Maybe both of these factors will delay the launch until June, when Apple has it’s usual hardware refresh and launch event.

  3. 90 Days from Xmas. Count on it. Apple will never mess with the Xmas sales and that 90 days return policy. If they would introduce and release the iPhone 5 on January they would have huge amount of returned iPhone 4’s and that is why they will not do it. Everybody should understand this. It is so very simple. iPad was introduced in January, but that was a totally new product so there were no returns waiting.

  4. Did everyone forget that AT&T has a 5 year exclusive contract (started in 2007) with apple for the iPhone!?

    That would mean that verizon cant get it till 2012 unless apple is able to weasel out of the contract with AT&T.

  5. @ Zaphod

    That was never officially announced, and there has been enough inconsistent speculation over the years, that any number thrown out is completely suspect. Plus, who’s to say that exclusivity contract hasn’t been renegotiated since 2007?

  6. @ One Guy:

    Apple won’t care about a few people returning iPhones if they’re just debuting from VZ. Apple also won’t be introducing the iPhone 5 on VZ in January unless it won’t be on sale until June, along with all other iPhone 5s. VZ’s iPhone will be the iPhone 4 with CDMA/LTE radios rather than GSM. That’s the only difference.

  7. I’m no business person, Steve Jobs or Henry Kissinger, but when Verizon initially didn’t want the iPhone then mocks your iPhone with rampant ads (During Christmas time), then adopts android phones (iPhone wanna-bees) I would instead be talking to T-Mobile or even Sprint.

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