Google TV international launch in doubt

Apple Online Store“Nobody knows anything about when Google TV might tip up in the UK and that is official,” Rob Coppinger reports for The Inquirer.

MacDailyNews Take: Nobody much cares, either.

Coppinger reports, “Speaking to Google and Logitech, the manufacturer of a Google TV set top box, both said they had no information whatsoever about when their IPTV products might reach our shores. Sony, which is also signed up to offer Google TV through its tellies and Blu-ray players, was not available for comment.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another half-baked, ill-conceived piece of crap from Our Lady of Perpetual Beta. The international community ought to band together to thank Google for sparing them from wasting their time and money on this one, at least.


  1. Attention tech hardware manufacturers!

    Ever long to have recapture that feeling of ADD love? Where your partner sweeps you off your feet on the first date only to fall asleep during lovemaking 2 weeks later? Well now you can!

    At least Microsoft had the decency to actively destroy their hardware partners; Google is more likely to fall into a narcoleptic coma and smother them.

  2. Come on now, loving Apple doesn’t mean you automatically have to hate everything Google does because they compete in a few areas. Besides, good competition between Apple and Google benefits everyone. Google TV had a lot of promise. It pisses me off that we consumers have to suffer because all the different media and tech companies are in a pissing match for control. Google TV, Apple TV, Tivo, the list goes on and on, but they’re all hamstrung by content providers. None of them meet their potential because the studios don’t want to play nice.

  3. Come on now. How HARD can this be? Would Google engineers not simply have to build the Web TV Site right into Chrome and just have users hook up their laptop to TVs capable of displaying as a PC monitor? Google has lost its way when it forgot its core competency and have to go out of its way to be on separate physical products. And I’m saying this as a constructive criticism.

  4. @ ndelc: “loving Apple doesn’t mean you automatically have to hate everything Google does”

    I do like Apple products, but that’s far from the reason I refuse to use Google’s services/products. Their main source of revenue is from advertising and as such are in the business of gathering and hoarding your information and habits to target specific ads at you.

    Google looks through your emails, chats, documents, searches, follows your browsing, reading, and buying habits to build a profile on you to determine which ads you would most be interested in.

    The more Google services and products you use, the bigger and more detailed that profile becomes.

    That profile does not belong to you, it’s Google’s. What happens when they start selling that information to others just as mailing lists used to be sold?

    I mean honestly, they were caught snooping through you network activity when they were driving around taking photos for their street view service. And that included NO involvement or agreement on your part.

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