Apple grabs 5th place in Japan cellphone market

Apple Store“Apple Inc. rose to fifth place in the market ranking list for cellphone makers operating in Japan for the first time in the July-September period with its share coming to 12.2 percent, [IDC Japan] said Monday,” Mainichi Japan reports.

“Apple, whose iPhone has attained great popularity, moved up from seventh place in the April-June quarter in the market,” Mainichi Japan reports. “The U.S. computer giant’s share broke through the 10 percent line for the first time, with iPhone’s shipment coming to 1.06 million units in the quarter, while overall cellphone shipments stood at 8.66 million units, up 18.9 percent from a year earlier.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple, which makes only smartphones (brilliantphones, actually) is the #5 cellphone maker in Japan for all cellphones, not just the smartphone segment!


  1. And in first place…drum roll…WP7…not. Oh well if I can’t leverage off my monopolistic tendencies in Japan, who can? Not Steve Jobs I’m sure. I mean they still have an Emperor over there right? Just like me, Emperor of all I survey in Redmond. Not to mention ace chair thrower too. Bleeehh!

  2. It was once said that nobody in Japan would buy an iPhone because it wasn’t close to the usefulness of the average Japanese feature-phone. The iPhone didn’t have any eWallet functions or 1-Seg capabilities and even worse, the Japanese ladies didn’t have a loop on the iPhone to fasten their favorite anime or Hello Kitty cellphone straps to. That’s a bummer.

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