NFC may be deployed in many Apple products, not just iPhone 5

Apple Online Store“Equipped with a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip, the iPhone 5 may allow users to load their Home folders on guest Macs when they travel, or log in at school or work,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac. “All the user would have to do is tap their iPhone 5 on a NFC-equipped Mac, and the machine would load their Home folder files, settings and preferences.”

“But if Apple equipped all of its products with NFC chips, which are used for short-range authentication, the technology could be used for super-easy set-up of a new Apple gear, or for easily transferring files and media between different Apple devices,” Kahney reports. “‘Imagine you touch an AirPort with a new iPad and the Wi-Fi is connected — with full security — in less than a second,’ said Gerald Madlmayr, a NFC expert based in Vienna. ‘No configuration is necessary any more. This makes this technology pretty useful.'”

Here are some other pretty useful usages for NFC in a variety of Apple devices:
• Remote log in
• Automatic Setup
• Media Sharing
• Bumping
• Foursquare checking in
• Keyless entry and ticketing
• Tap and pay eWallet

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. @ acid

    Apparently Apple struck a deal with NFC for an exclusive 5 year deal which will shut out AFC for a long time (about 5 years).

    The rumors are already starting that fans will switch teams just so that they can watch games on the iPhone (and other iOS devices). There is also the possibility that teams will leave the AFC in droves in a vain effort to retain their fan base.

    Of course everyone knows that SJ went to the AFC first (being a die-hard Raiders fan) but they were unwilling to stop using flash in their video feeds. So SJ told them to stuff it and rumors are that he wears red and gold on Sundays now.

    I’ll bet that every pre-season for the next five years we will hear stories of AFC finally getting on the iPhone. However the chances are by then that the AFC will only contain 2 teams and that the Superbowl is cancelled due to lack of competition for the NFC.

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