How will Light Peak work in Apple Macs?

Apple Store“The rumor mills have been churning out the prospect of Apple adopting Light Peak, possibly in the first half of 2011,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET. “In support of this theory, an early Intel demonstration of Light Peak at its developer conference in 2009 used a machine running Apple’s Mac OS X.”

“But it’s not clear how [Apple and other] companies will implement Light Peak,” Crothers reports. “Another issue is whether Light Peak will be run over copper initially–not on top of light technology, as ironic as that may sound. Sources close to Intel’s Light Peak initiative say that it will not appear initially as a light technology but, rather, on traditional copper cables. ‘We cannot comment on rumors,’ said an Intel spokesman when asked about this.”

Crothers reports, “That didn’t stop me from asking Ziller about this and other details that might help to explain how high transfer speeds will manifest themselves in the form of connectors.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. @Ballmer’s left nut:

    No- you plug a cable in the LightPeak port and on the other end of that cable is a “splitter” which splits into any number of other cables: USB, DVI, FireWire, Ethernet, etc. The cable acts as an adapter between everything and LightPeak (just like there’s a cable to adapt between DVI or VGA and miniDisplay Port).

  2. Apple recently applied for a patent that appears to integrate optical Light Peak AND copper in order to provide power to connected devices, which is considered a requirement if Light Peak is to succeed. I’d expect this full implementation by Apple or none at all.

    With all the hype Hype HYPE about Light Peak, it is NOT a completed standard, until possibly now with Apple’s addition of copper for power.

  3. Yeah but apple have been known to just implement technology and force us to move along with it.. I’m thinking that will happen with LP.

    It’s a bummer and for 6 months we’ll all say Apple stinks, then after 8 fall in love again.. I really hate that jedi mind shit.

  4. Whatever it is I’m not holding my breath for a simple connector. Simple, as in round. It will probably be like USB, that connector that no matter which way you first try to plug it in, it will always be the wrong way. I’d like it round, with a hollow center for the light pipe, with conductive rings around the barrel for power. Fat chance.

  5. Light Peak will not be ready for implementation anytime soon (late next year, maybe). Legacy USB ports will still be present for several years to come, unless Light Peak is matchable to the USB standard (the way USB 3.0 will be). Just as Firewire is still used and keeps crawling back even though it’s on the way out. But USB 2.0 is too cheap and ubiquitous to give up. For people who don’t want to go Bluetooth, adding additional expensive Light Peak ports to connect mice and keyboards is a waste. Light Peak is just like Firewire was – great for data transfer, but overkill for basic accessory connections.

    And finally, it could well be that USB 3.0 implementation will make Light Peak irrelevant, just the way higher-speed Firewire is getting cast off before it ever got going.

  6. Copper for the power portion of the LightPeak spec, eh?

    Must be why the Canadian Gubmint is planning on the death of the penny!

    Or. Is it because the penny costs Canadians 1 1/2¢ to make ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

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