Why Apple will win the mobile market

Apple Store“Some critics believe Android is the new Windows, believing Google has tapped into the consumer herd, destined to repeat Windows victory over the Mac in the mobile space,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“Like Microsoft’s PC conquest, Android is making that familiar push to the lowest common denominator, bolted on everything from cheap phones, eBook readers, to lousy resistive touch tablets,” Reschke writes. “It’s banter that sounds good, but this shallow and dated analysis isn’t accurate.”

Whirly-pop-Apple isn’t going anywhere, not this time around, and there are three major factors as to why:
• Pricing
• Microsoft
• Noise (too many players)

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  1. While there will always be the bottom-feeders whose only claim to fame is they cost less than other products (and you get what you pay for, too), the difference between the Apple-Microsoft and Apple-Google battles is that Google can’t compete with Apple on price. Plus, consumers aren’t going to put up with phones that don’t work well. A smartphone is pretty dumb when it can’t do what you want it to do, and get it done easily.

    People were wowed by computers when they first became reasonably affordable for the home, and it was “new technology”, so they were willing to put up with some problems. No anymore. People demand that their stuff just works, and if it won’t work, they won’t buy it.

  2. My wife has an HTC/Android phone, she hates it. It constantly hangs up on her when she holds it up to talk on it because it doesn’t stop taking inputs from the screen and she bumps the “end call” button with her cheek. It also sucks the battery dry in less than a day, while my iPhone just keeps going.

    There is nothing about Android or the devices its installed on that is interesting to me in the least, but competition is a good thing and sometimes someone other than Apple comes up with an original idea that has some merit.

  3. Apple= Prada
    Android= Gap

    Apple= gourmet – kobe beef hamburger
    Android= burger king

    Apple= well educated-high class lady you want to spend rest of your life.
    Android= cheap slut you met when you were in college

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