Goldman Sachs resumes Apple coverage with $430 price target

Apple Store“Investment firm Goldman Sachs has resumed coverage of Apple stock, assigning the company a $430 price target,” MacNN reports.

“To support the price target, Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope argues that other analysts are needlessly worried about falling profit margins at Apple,” MacNN reports. “‘Indeed, we believe Apple’s margins have already bottomed, and we expect the company to resume its leverage-driven upside in coming quarters,’ says Shope.”

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  1. Is this the same Goldman Sachs, that sold all over the world the Derivatives and then hid that they were betting against them?, are they the ones that got tens of billions of our taxpayers money in the bail-outs? (and the PRIVATE Federal Reserve is in bed with them)
    If people opened their eyes they’d all be in jail already, before they bankrupt our country….

  2. If a Chinese Wall, look it up if you don’t know what it means, is truly working the way it should, then the IB, investment banking side of a firm could be making product, complicated derivatives, that the sales team could sell. On the other side of the Chinese Wall are supposed to be traders, who are free to take any positions they like. Often traders on the same trading desk will take opposing positions. Seems nutty, but of course it happens, traders aren’t told how to trade, they’re just told how much trading limits are.

    So, it’s perfectly possible for traders to bet against IB product their own company is selling. It’s far more likely that traders were betting against these derivative contracts as a group, and since GS was a major player in promoting these derivatives, of course they were betting against them as well.

    It’s when the Chinese Wall breaks down, that is the problem. When IBers are talking to the traders. The specific case that GS was guilty of, that I am aware of, is this situation, as it always is.

  3. Clueless. Just $430. 2 years ago Apple was just under $100. 1 year and 100% later Apple was at $about $200. Another year $100 more and we are about $325.

    If nothing else was happening and we were deep in the middle of the recession, it could just be up another $100. But, things aren’t the same. Verizon will be selling the iPhone, the iPad is deep in production with the FaceTime cameras on this years version. The halo from all this is lifting all Apple products and services including the Mac.

    $100 or 30% more is your best SAFE guess. Clueless.

  4. Don’t blame the analysts. Even with the $430 target and Conviction Buy, Apple shares barely registered a ripple and I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple finishes in the red by the end of the day. Individual investors are not buying Apple shares. Maybe the hedge funds have stocked up on them and they’re running the show. Apple will need to make a serious acquisition to give potential investors confidence in this company. The current share price just lags further and further behind target prices even as Apple devices eat into many other companies market share of notebooks, hand-held gaming devices and smartphones. Still not enough to cause Apple shares to pop. It’s creep up, make a tiny new high and fall back.

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