Boston Herald reviews Apple 13-inch MacBook Air: ‘This is how using a computer should be’

Apple Online Store“Aside from the price, the only bad thing I can say about Apple’s second, ultrathin MacBook Air is that it can be tricky to open, like splitting two pieces of paper stuck together with static or separating the sides of a new trash bag right out of the box,” Brendan Lynch reports for The Boston Herald. “Otherwise, this is how using a computer should be.”

“The price – ranging from $1,000 for an 11-inch screen and 64 gigabytes of memory to $1,600 for a 13-inch screen and 256 gigabytes – is the MacBook Air’s defining characteristic, with the skinnyness a close second,” Lynch reports. “It’s an extremely fancy laptop. I reviewed a 13-inch model with 128 gigabytes of flash storage, which would set you back $1,300.”

“An Apple engineer I spoke to said the laptop borrows many of its ideas from the iPad,” Lynch reports. “Like the iPad, or a USB drive, the Air uses flash memory instead of a hard drive, and the laptop’s best features flow from that decision. The absence of a bulky hard drive allows for the slim shape, and keeps the machine cooler than most laptops I’ve used, and quieter. In fact, that’s my favorite feature – it never, ever makes noise.”

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  1. jjjj vs. vv, nice. Look I’ll add my zzz two cents worth. Lack of a backlit keyboard is not a deal killer, unless you’re retarded enough not to know where to place your fingers on which key to type. Besides there’s ambient light & light from the glow of the screen which really ought to be enough. Unless like I said you happen to be a retarded Android user too.

  2. @lots of j’s: Yes, know where all the keys are, but it’s easy to make a mistake in the dark, especially if you are typing a password. And no, in many situations, the light off the screen is not bright enough to see the keys.

    A backlit keyboard is a joy. One of those nice little things that make you appreciate being alive. Right up there with beautiful women.

  3. It’s pretty obvious that this guy’s personal laptop is a big hurkin’ Dell or standard issue Lenovo, cause he has difficulty opening it without release latches. He is squirming over a $1K price tag. (he only paid $559 for his Dell cement block). He was actually surprised that a laptops fan should not have to go on except in heavy use. (some dells have like 5 internal fans running 24/7). LoL

  4. The backlight comes in handy for using the command keys (f row) that I don’t know from practice but I don’t know whether I’m super-retarded or a really whiney n00b. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. >A backlit keyboard is a joy. One of those nice little things that make you appreciate being alive. Right up there with beautiful women.

    Nothing like a backlit, beautiful women. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. It’s shocking to see how bulky and ugly looking most PC laptops are compared to my MacBook Pro. I can’t imagine what they would look like next to a MacBook Air.

  7. I plan on getting a 13″ MacBook Air early next year to complement my first Mac, a 2010 Mini. After seeing and holding the Air I can’t imagine using a different laptop, they all look too big and bulky now. Where I live and what I do that portability is extremely important, the Air looked so nice it may even replace my iPad as my heavy user.

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