Has Apple’s iPad killed the netbook?

“For months we’ve been hearing that tablet PCs – led by Apple’s iPad – are hurting netbook sales in a big way,” Jeff Bertolucci reports for PC World. “But are they really?”

“For now, touchscreen tablets appear to be luring consumers away from netbooks but analysts believe in the long term, netbooks will hold their own in an increasingly fragmented mobile device market, particularly as computer makers address user complaints by enhancing netbooks with faster processors and new capabilities,” Bertolucci reports.

“Netbook shipments in the US fell 34 percent from the third quarter of 2009 to the same period in 2010, according to research firm Gartner. The likely culprit? A certain tablet from Apple comes to mind,” Bertolucci reports. “”

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  1. “tablet PCs lead by the iPad”

    The most complete bullshit statement floating around the news today, somewhere between Bagdad Bob’s “we’re crushing them beneath our feet” and Bush’s comical “Mission Accomplished” aboard the aircraft carrier.

    Try losing the “tablet PCs lead by” and just say iPad. Tablet PCs were around for 10 years and did squat and are still doing squat, or less than squat.

  2. You sure aren’t hearing much about netbooks these days unless it’s a story like this wondering where they went.

    Here’s the answer. They were a sh*tty alternative to a laptop to begin with and were a solution looking for a problem.

    And yeah, “pc tablets” indeed. Give me a break

  3. Has Apple’s iPad killed the netbook?

    Impossible. Many netbooks run some variant of the venerable and widely regarded Microsoft Windows. That’s what consumers want. MAC has yet to figure this out and simply license Windows to save themselves.

    The unlikely few people who buy I-Pads would have to learn a whole new operating system made by a company with a sad history of overpriced, proprietary, toy-like products. People know Windows, netbooks are inexpensive compared to MAC and there are way more programs for Windows. Even some MAC fangirls can figure it out.

    Nice attention grabbing headline MDN, but the reality is netbooks are alive and well–especially the ones running Windows.

    The question we should be asking is ‘Have netbooks killed MAC’s I-Pads?’

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