Medical-sector companies latch onto Apple’s revolutionary iPad

“Medical-sector companies are passing out thousands of iPad tablet computers to salespeople to spruce up their pitch to doctors, and at the same time giving Apple Inc. a crucial foot in the door to business customers,” Jon Kamp and Roger Cheng report for The Wall Street Journal. “Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic Inc. and Boston Scientific Corp. are among the drug and medical-device firms making the move, while others say they are testing out the devices.”

“The tablet computers offer new ways to display product information or surgical-implant techniques, and help eliminate time wasted on issues that don’t drive sales, according to companies,” Kamp and Cheng report. “Their quick start-up times mean the salesmen can jump into their presentations before doctors lose interest.”

Kamp and Cheng report, “Medtronic, a Minneapolis-based maker of implantable heart devices and other products, recently bought 4,500 iPads for its sales and marketing team, making it one of the iPad’s biggest corporate buyers. Mr. Hedges said the company could buy as many as 6,000 iPads… There appears to be something of an iPad arms race in the $200 billion medical-devices sector. Heart-device maker Boston Scientific recently bought 2,000 for its sales team, and orthopedics company Zimmer Holdings Inc. is rolling out more than 1,000 of the tablets. Stryker Corp., a Zimmer rival, said it has deployed iPads ‘and a number of applications’ in a pilot program.”

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  1. You read about analyst reporting on how many people are buying iPads at Apple Stores and Best Buy.  They don’t count these sales, so the numbers should be a lot higher in Apples Q1 reports.  When the other tablets get to market next year Apple will have a big foot in the door in business, especially medical.  The person talking to the salesperson also sees the use of the iPad and will be more receptive for other uses.  To use the iPad on a large scale you need Macs to run them and to write in house apps.  This means more business market penetration for Macs.  As people begen see the tablet as a tool instead of a toy the iPad is what they will see first.

  2. As a corollary to what WetFX said, also consider those companies that are going to buy tablets from companies other than Apple, expecting the Apple experience. When the shortcomings of these knockoffs become clear, even more companies and individuals will be buying from Apple.

  3. Does Steve Ballmer know that there are no keys on the iPad either.

    And we look around and still no iPad killers yet. Didn’t these Windows box makers already have Windows tablets? Ok, they sucked and you shouldn’t talk about them in public. Sorry I brought them up.

  4. I attended the 45th ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists — show yesterday. This is one of the largest (if not largest) medical trade shows in this country. This is the show where every health care technology company shows off their latest equipment. Two things surprised me at this show… 1) That many of the companies were raffling away iPads to those that visited their booths. 2) How many of the sales people, clinicians and attendees already had iPads. It reminded me of the first trade show that I went to after the iPhone was released. iPhones were everywhere at that show (but rare in the wild at that time). Now I expect to see iPads out in the wild… well, at least in the hospitals that I visit.

  5. I come from a family of 6 doctors. Before you know it, docs will have multiple iPads, as they will start giving them away at conferences. They used to give the docs a big binder with all the info from the meetings, etc., now they’ll get it in an iPad.

    Also, they used to have all those free junkets, dinner on a cruise, golf at Pebble, etc., for the docs if they listen to some drug reps pitch, now they’ll give them iPads, because the iPad will actually have some clinical value.

    Okay, I admit it, I got an iPad for my mom’s surgeon as a Xmas present this year, as he saved my mom’s life.

  6. I went to the car show in SF (at the Moscone center, brought back memories of many a MacWorld there) a couple weeks ago and was surprised to see that nearly every display computer was a Mac (for every manufacturer, even Ford & GM), but all the people working the floor were using iPads. I really have to wonder about Apple’s share of the market, it seems the numbers have to be too low for reality. If Apple gets to about 20% share, I suspect that will be enough that just about all software will have Mac versions, and then the share for apple’s computers will increase precipitately.

  7. Especially when they give the iPad free that can be used personally by the physician only after they view read and digest the info given by the iPad. After which they take a cmeearning exam and will be rendered unusable by a kill switch if the doctor does not update their message/knowlege.

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