Google: Android activation rate hits 300,000 per day

ZAGG Deal!“Google’s engineering VP Andy Rubin in a terse Twitter update said Android’s activation rate was up to 300,000 per day,” Electronista reports.

MacDailyNews Take: All Twitter updates are “terse.”

Electronista reports, “The post came in an apparent attempt to quell suspicions of a slowdown in growth and was a significant jump from earlier figures that put it at 214,000 per day. Its numbers always touch on new devices but also include tablets, e-readers and MP3 players as well as smartphones.”

MacDailyNews Note: For comparison, the most-recent figures we have for Apple came from CEO Steve Jobs who announced back in mid-October that Apple was activating 275,000 iOS devices per day, peaking at 300,000 on some days.

Electronista reports, “About 16,700 per day are the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which reached one million in two months. The slate at the current growth would account for about five percent of Android’s share. Barnes & Noble may also have played a role, since it now ships 18,000 Nook Colors per day and a likely larger number of e-paper Nook readers, all of which use Android.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Everything under the sun that runs Android is counted — e-readers, junky tablets, MP3 players, netbooks — everything (not to mention carriers offering Buy One, Get One Free promos on Android phones). Therefore, that does not allay suspicions of a slowdown in Android’s smartphone growth due to the looming specter of the Verizon iPhone. Neither do the related articles listed below.


  1. How about comparing apples to apples?

    iOS is OSX remember? So let’s call a spade a spade and count all OSX devices And while were at it, remember that iPhones, iPod touches and Macs are ALL pcs…

  2. And MDN was able to squeeze the ‘Verizon iPhone imminent!’ mantra into another story!

    With over a year to go until 2012 (the year when Apple-AT&T 5-year exclusivity expires), we’ll likely see this story mentioned another 300 times…

  3. I’ve seen many more android than iPhones.

    But I hang around with a cheap group that perceives anything apple to be overpriced.

    Guess I need new friends. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”rolleyes” style=”border:0;” />

  4. So this is how many different device companies? After all, Android is a platform, not a phone. Instead we should compare hardware sales per company and by device type (phone, gaming handset, and tablet) if you want a more accurate measure of the real iOS competition, since iOS comes from only one company, with one device (albeit several models) per device type.

    So which company selling Android-carrying devices is really in second place for each device class? I don’t know, maybe it is Google, but you’ll find they are far behind Apple in each class.

  5. My family uses T-Mobile because it works for us and ATnT did not. We got our two kids the G2 and they like it. What I like is they each get unlimited data for $30 per month (actually one phone was bought in October and the data rate is $25 per month.) I’m not switching to ATnT so I can pay $100 per month for a single iPhone. Come on Steve, make T-Mobile happen!

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