What’s the best Mac scanner app?

Complete your iPad experience with ZAGGmate!“For most of us, scanners are used to digitize old photos, digitize important documents, and scan to read the text on paper documents,” Jeffrey Mincey writes for Mac360. “The key is the scanner software.”

“Decent flatbed scanners cost less than $100 these days and they have the software to prove it. Spend more money and you get better scanning optics, higher resolution, but usually the same crummy scanning software,” Mincey writes. “Scanner software seems to be an afterthought by most scanner manufacturers.”

Mincey writes, “Through the years I’ve used many different scanner apps. Those that came with the scanner. More complex, high end apps like the SilverFast AI package, and my favorite, VueScan. When other scanner apps stop working, or don’t work with older scanners, VueScan becomes the little scanner app that can.”

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  1. Neat article but wish it has gone more indepth…I’ve always wondered why so many people like VueScan. I downloaded it for my Epson v500 and couldn’t tell any difference in the scans it produced and the ones the software that came with my Epson produced. Is the only reason to use Vuescan is that you included software quits working or is just to “clunky” to use day in and day out? Does it actually produce “better” scans?


  2. Vuescan is also extremely good at preventing moiré patterns when you’re scanning printed images (descreening). When I have something that needs to be descreened, I use VueScan rather than the included driver for my Epson scanners.

  3. Who cares how crummy the scanner app is, so long as it scans the image!
    Who are these people that spend $79.95 on an app that scans, when they already have an app that scans for free with the scanner?
    I mean, how hard can it be to scan an image? You pick the desired image quality,and then press the scan button.

    There are obviously plenty of idiots willing to part with their money, and I applaud the developers ability to extract that money. A fool and their money are soon parted…

    1. I guess when your scanner manufacturer no longer supports your scanner for the new OS you just upgraded to, you’ll just buy a new scanner. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense! Me, I’ll stick with VueScan, because I know the developer won’t leave me hanging, but will continue to update his software.

  4. 5 Stars for VueScan. It’s been on my Macs forever. It just works.

    On. All. Scanners.

    I work with some Mac users who have the SilverFast scanner apps (we’re talking big money here), and often there’s little difference in the scans. Quality comes from the scanner. Ease of use comes from the software. Plus, VueScan gets updated about every week.

  5. How about when a scanner maker no longer makes drivers or software available for your perfectly capable hardware?

    I picked up Vuescan way back at the OSX change over because UMAX wasn’t releasing a driver I could use with my nearly new scanner.

    I have since been able to get Vuscan updates (FREE for life) to maintain the use of my scanner through the Intel transition, and all major and minor OS updates since.

    So to paraphrase, There are obviously plenty of idiots willing to open their mouths and mock what they have no understanding of.

  6. Image Capture is perfectly adequate. It is simple while still providing plenty of options.

    I used Vuescan for years and was always happy with it. But Image Capture gets the job done just as well.

  7. For slides and photos I just discovered the Wolverine F2D. I used it to scan about 200 slides in 6 hours. The quality is pretty good (images about 2 MB in size for 35mm slides. Works well and, is independent of the computer. Files go directly to a SDHC card which you can just move to your computer. There is a model that will do 4×6 photos that is likely to be just as good.

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