iOS 4.2: Hands on with AirPlay on Apple TV and iPad

Apple Online Store“AirPlay is an exciting new development for iOS device owners who also have Apple TVs,” Tim Gideon and PJ Jacobowitz report for PC Magazine. “As long as your device and your Apple TV are on the same wireless network, they will now automatically detect each other. If you want to display photos from your iPad on your television, just tap the AirPlay icon on the top control panel in the Photos section and select Apple TV. Within a couple seconds, your photo will appear on your televison and will remain displaying on your iPad, as well.”

“Music streaming is similarly simple—the Now Playing screen on your device has an AirPlay icon. Tap it, tap Apple TV, and within seconds the music will begin playing on your Apple TV,” Gideon and Jacobowitz report. “You can multitask while streaming video to Apple TV as well—great if you want to check out IMDB while you’re watching a movie to get details about the film.”

Gideon and Jacobowitz report, “Just to clarify: AirPlay is a one-way street. You cannot stream something you rented on Apple TV to your iOS device. Therefore, we recommend buying or renting your content on your iOS device whenever possible, so you can rent a TV show, start it on your iPod touch and finish it on Apple TV… Despite the minor limitations, AirPlay is an excellent additional feature for Apple TV and iOS device owners.”

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  1. But my music collection is over 80GB and I’m tweaking it all the time. Plus I’m a audiophile, optical cable is my transfer choice, free of interference, no cheap wifi for me.

    No, I need a REAL keyboard and a REAL computer, not some “pad”

    Wake me up when the iPad gets a real optical audio out port and some decent software.

    And I think Apple degraded the audio cd burn quality in iTunes lately. I can burn over 20 audio songs to a cd instead of the typical 10-14. Slowly doing the RIAA’s bidding. Ping snitching too.

  2. Hey wierdguy
    I like the mute button. I don’t know if you use yours skydiving or maybe you are just out of plumb. I have had my iPad since April and have locked the screen twice. And that was just to see if it works.

  3. I used the orientation lock on the iPad all the time. Mute only makes sense on the iPhone. I have both iOS devices, and believe me, mute makes no sense on the iPad. The iPad is not a phone. Don’t need mute on it. Plus it only mutes system sounds, not everything. Tell me thats not stupid. It has no logic to it at all. Take away a perfectly great feature, and replace it with a useless one. Just does not seem like the Apple way of thinking. Get rid of the button then, which may be Apples plan all along.

  4. It’s a software controlled switch, so why not an preference to pick one or the other? Orientation lock is critical on a device this large that rotates everytime you pick it up. The switch was soooo handy, now it’s redundant.

  5. Yes, I agree 100% with the comment from “Essence”. As for AirPlay, not being able to stream to your iOS device, from your AppleTV, also, seems a bad decision on Apple’s part. It’s one of the reasons I will not buy or rent video content from Apple. If I want to be able to kick back with my iPad and stream content from my AppleTV or iMac or PC, I should be able too. I think thats the whole point of the iPad.

  6. Doesn’t really matter, Apple broke streaming with iTunes 10.1 and iOS 4.2 anyway. Several of us have found our music stops streaming, or it looks like iTunes is still streaming, but the music isn’t playing. This wasn’t the case pre-10.1. I’ve also noticed the same behavior on my iPhone when using AirPlay directly to my Airport Express…

    Hopefully they will fix it soon…

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