Apple banning new radio apps that feature only one station?

“Jim Barcus, president of and DJBApps — a company that makes smartphone apps for commercial radio stations — says Apple has started (as of Nov. 10th) rejecting ‘all’ single-station iPhone apps in favor of radio apps that only feature ‘hundreds’ of stations, saying that Apple told him they equated the single-station apps with ‘fart apps'” and considered them a form of ‘spamming’ the App Store,” MacNN reports.

“However, dozens of single-station radio apps remain on the App Store and the company does not appear to be removing any existing apps, making it unclear if this is a real policy change at the App Store — or if the company is referring specifically to Barcus’ products only,” MacNN reports.

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  1. You can be sure I’ll be playing the fart app on my iPhone over Thanksgiving. I mean what a stupid decision by Apple equating radio stations with fart apps. This has to be the nadir of Apple’s stupidity. Well aside from moving the physical orientation switch on the iPad to a taskbar button. The dumbing down of Apple continues.

  2. What if you ARE that one station and no other app is carrying your station??!?

    You know it seems lately everyday more and more apple is acting like my mom, or even worse an ex boss or girlfriend….. They are ex’s for a reason apple.

    This and the baseband verification in 4.2.1 are really pushing me away from u apple!!! Please don’t do this to us Steve. We love you. Isn’t apple closed enough as it is? Don’t you want the in the know elite to continue using your goods? Think of the consiquinces.

    Oh yah make a real gaming Mac while your at it.

  3. Calm down, folks. Jim Barcus *said* that “Apple told him *they* equated the single-station apps with ‘fart apps’.”

    Who reputedly represented “Apple” in this situation?

    This is self-reported from a guy with a vested interest (bias) and, therefore, is subject to skepticism. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not.

  4. I think that’s fair enough if one company is selling hundreds of apps that each only do the one station – especially if they’re not linked with the station officially. Doing that is obviously just a way to get listed multiple times and increase exposure – even if it is just from accidental searches

    If the app is official and has perhaps other content specifically related to that station then I think they should be allowed.

  5. Really Apple??? This is patently ridiculous! I see no reason why a radio station app should be treated like a fart app. Not to mention though that even fart apps have their place. The whoopee cushion has been around a lot longer than any computer has.

    Fart jokes don’t get old, people get old.

    It worries me more and more about Apple’s draconion attitude toward approving or disapproving apps, among other things. It’s ironic somehow that they were the company that invoked images of “Big Brother” back in1984 and here in 2010 they now seem to want to be the company that tells me how I should use my computer and what apps I am allowed to put on it.

    Anyhow, I do want to wish everyone here on the site a very Happy Thanksgiving! Both fan boys and trolls alike. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. @MrFlish

    Agreed. I could not do without Radio Paradise on my iPhone.

    You might also try KEXP’s app (non-profit station in Seattle) and KNRK’s Too app which plays only local indy bands from the Pacific Northwest. All these of these stations play no commercials.

    Happy Turkey-day everyone.

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