Rogers mulls charging extra for data quality on smartphones

InvisibleSHIELD.  Scratch Proof your iPhone 4!Electronista reports, “Canadian carrier Rogers is considering a plan that would let it charge extra to give quality 3G service in the event its cell towers are overloaded, Electronista readers have learned.”

“The company is asking some customers how they would react to a feature, tentatively called the Data Priority Service, that would prioritize a subscriber’s data packets over others for a monthly fee,” Electronista reports. “It would help guarantee important or real-time data that would otherwise be choked off, the company said.”

Electronista reports, “The plan isn’t certain to appear at all and doesn’t have definite details were it to come into being, although Rogers has floated charging up to $10 for the privilege, according to those who have been asked.”

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  1. That’s bullshit. Phone plans are already expensive enough. This is just a way for them to use the “we offer a more quality service option” excuse when people call in about the shitty service they receive now. How about fixing what’s wrong now instead of asking for even more money. I wonder how long it’ll be before a U.S. carrier decides to try and follow suit.

  2. 3 years.

    That’s the length of the contracts Canadian carriers force customers to have if they go subsidized. Population density is a bullshit defence since Australia’s is even lower yet 2 years is the max.

    So, Rogers/Fido is already raping us with the highest cell and data rates in the world, data service which sucked balls about a month ago (switching to EDGE was faster!!), dead zones in the middle of downtown freaking Toronto… and now they want us to fork over even MORE just to maintain a reasonable level of service!!!??

    Tell you what what I think, Rogers–my cable and internet are contract-free for a reason. You degrade my phone service further, and those are history.

  3. If a carrier was able to offer good service they would not have to lock you in, the very fact that they lock you in with no guarantees of any service I have actually had them tell me “it works sometimes”, I asked if it was OK if I paid the bill “sometimes” guess the answer, If you got good service you would stay with the provider, with the customer locked in for 3 years they have no incentive whatsoever to provide anything beyond “sometimes”.

    Can you tell I am not happy with Rogers?

    Have a great Thanksgiving,

    and this will mean nothing to you but..

    Go Riders Go!


  4. I’m happy with the quality of my data over Rogers. Haven’t had a single problem, unless I stop paying my bill, then they treat me like the biggest thorn in their site.

    What really gets me is that price for a 3-year contract is the SAME with our without a new phone!!! I brought my own fully-owned iPhone to Rogers and get billed the same fee as someone that walks out with a new phone… I call that highway robbery.

  5. What’s really sick is a other countries like South Korea have Internet speeds 3-5 times faster than most Americans.

    Yep, South Korea with a average 40 mb/s dl speeds compared to 56k dial-up still used in lots of places in our country.

    Americans need jobs, roll out some fiber optic’s for crying out loud.

    Oh, no leadership from the present White House…

    Where’s another JFK when you need him?

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